Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kilts, Crowns and College Ménages!

Authors A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly Discuss BLACK POINT, their upcoming September 1 Release for http://www.extasybooks.com/ but then things take an interesting turn...

AJ: Hi DJ, well, you and I did it. The dirty deed. We have co-authored a book, Black Point, coming to eXtasy Books on September 1. Tell me, am I the sexiest author you ever co-wrote a book with?

DJ: Well, ahem, AJ, you’re the ONLY published author I’ve ever written with in that way but…YES?? Lol, you may proudly wear that crown.

AJ: Was working with me everything you dreamed it would be? LOL…

DJ: Oh ahem, definitely. I would have to say honestly that it was relatively painless up to the climax…not climax…ah…exchanges of… never mind. IT WAS Great.

AJ: Some might say the storyline of two gay erotic romance writers meeting online then meeting in person is…well, close to the bone. It was your idea to begin with so what sparked it?

DJ: Well, I guess it’s up to the readers to figure out if art imitates life, or life imitates art? Actually, I came up with the idea on a whim. I dreamt it. And I figured, hey why not, I’m a guy who likes to push the envelope and go out on the limb. My hunch was correct and it worked out marvellously. I have pretty good instincts. And don’t forget, I love the attention.

AJ: What is your favourite sexual position?

DJ: My favourite sexual position??? Um, you’ve been re-reading the sex scenes in my books again, haven’t you A.J.??? Well, let’s see. That depends on…how much are you paying me again for this? Well, um...I’m a top…so ah…I suppose this is my favourite sexual position but sometimes I enjoy being…shall we say…overcome…lol…but even when I’m on my back, I’m a top. Figure that out. Just picture my partner as the cowboy…lol. I do so love the shower.

AJ: How do you top when you’re on your back???

DJ: Ah, well, it's like this...and I'm not sending pictures so stop asking already!! Ahem...well...see I'm kind of sitting up straight...not me exactly...but a part of me and ah...even though I'm on the bottom, he's acting like the bottom!! Damn it, that really challenged the writing skills...do you have to know everything??? LOL...

AJ: Have you ever been in an actual ménage or orgy?

DJ: Orgy, no. Ménage (looking around to see where significant other is…) yes. It wasn’t really my intention to be the filling in a sandwich but there were some hungry boys in the dorm once…

AJ: Oh, a DJ sandwich? Yum!

DJ: LOL…it was back in my college days. I started out with one guy, and well….the other guy didn’t even knock!!! The other guy wasn’t a student. He told me in the morning that he crashed the student pub. He didn’t know the other guy either…lol…needless to say, it was a busy night. That guy who crashed the party still emails me. He jumped the fence, got married. He’s got three kids but he told me once that he still remembers every detail of that night, and that it was the hottest sex he’d ever had. Some memory! All I remember is that I was finding condoms for weeks after.

AJ: Have you ever been propositioned in a place you least expected or by someone you least expected? What did you do about it?

DJ: Yes, and oh my God! It was a student in my college class last year, a young woman who never gave me any indication she had the hots for me.

AJ: She had no idea you’re gay?

DJ: I’m a very professional person and I would never come on to a student or respond sexually to one even if I did find them attractive.

AJ: Yeah, right. (Laughing) Sorry, go on…only…you know…you were a bit…freewheeling with the kisses when we were emailing our book back and forth…or was that just to keep me motivated?

DJ: But of course, AJ. I do have my methods….and I can be an extremely affectionate person when the mood takes me. And besides it worked! You typed really fast.

AJ: Go on with the story about the student, please…

DJ: Anyway, the class was over and everyone had left. I was packing up my briefcase and she gets up, goes over to the door and closes it. I teach at night so the college is mostly empty except for the janitorial staff. I looked up, perplexed, and she walked over, and said, “I need to tell you something,” in French, so, I asked her what it was. I never dreamed in a million years that she’d say, “I want to sleep with you.” My jaw must have hit the floor. I was speechless, and a little embarrassed. As gently as I could, I told her I was very flattered but I was in a relationship with someone. She proceeded to grab my hand. I took it back, and repeated the same words. She got a little pissed and slammed out of the classroom. She might have called me ‘an a**hole.’ I kept my boyfriend all night talking about that one.

AJ: Have you ever cheated on your partner or been tempted?

DJ: Ah, no, and yes. LOL…I was going to leave it like that but I will elaborate. My partner and I have talked about this. We agreed that it was normal to be tempted but that if we decided to do anything about it, we wouldn’t do it behind each others backs. We’re pretty open about what we want and what we need, in bed and out. I don’t see us being unfaithful to each other. I love him too much for that, and I believe it’s mutual.

AJ: So you’re telling me all those voodoo spells I did were for naught?

DJ: Keep trying sweetie. I think I felt a stirring the other night when I was editing that scene…you know the one!!!

AJ: I think I do...so what is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Have you lived it?

DJ: My ultimate sexual fantasy was to be ravished by three gorgeous hunks and…LOL…
AJ: Wait, lemme call Johnny Depp and see if he's busy.
DJ: (Laughing) I don’t know. I have many sexual fantasies. I think because I’m the dominant one in the couple, I have fantasized about taking on the other role. And yes, I’ve lived that out at times but not all the way. I’m a little nervous about being completely submissive. I have a really strong character. When my partner gets angry at me, he says, “You’re such a man!!” That should tell you. But, I’ve had dreams about being tied down and ravished by a couple of guys at a time…who hasn’t?

AJ: Have you ever had sex in a public place?
DJ: LOL...I tried it once and I hated it. I was too damn stressed out to go through with it. No, I’d rather be inside or outside where I’m sure no one will come. My ex and I used to go to his cottage and make out by the lake but it was pretty isolated.
AJ: Tell me about your first kiss? Where? Who? How?
DJ: OMG. My first kiss was at a school dance. I was eleven. I’ve been trying to forget it. This girl grabbed me and pulled me onto the dance floor and kissed me full on the mouth. My father walked in. He was there to take me home. He tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I intended to come up for air. I was in shock for days. That girl wrote me love notes and stuck it in my locker for months!!! I used to rip them up and throw them in the toilet. We became great friends in grade eleven.
AJ: Some of your sex scenes in your books are pretty hot. Are some of them from personal experience?
DJ: Well…yes, I guess so. I think the feelings or sensations described are. I can’t say I’ve done those things exactly in the same sequence but I’ve certainly experienced them in some ways….and like I said, the feelings or sensations that are described come from me.
AJ: Do you really have a kilt, and have you have had a sword fight?
DJ: I don’t own a kilt…sorry ladies…but I rented one once for a Scottish wedding where I was the best man. It was the wedding of two of my best friends. I introduced them. One of them was born in Scotland. Anyway, I wore a kilt for the wedding. People kept falling down around me!! LOL…

AJ: Falling down? Trying to get a look under the kilt, or were they laughing?
DJ: I’ll never tell. As for sword fighting, I did some fencing once in college, I suck at it. My sweetie and I do throw those little left over dough rolls on top of the pizza at each other occasionally, but no swords.
AJ: Dough rolls? Cool…that leaves me with just one question, DJ. Your place or mine?
DJ: I think it should be yours, because damn it the weather here sucks, and NOT in a good way.
Thank you D.J. for being such a great sport and good luck with ALL your books, hon.
You can find out more about AJ's books and DJ's books at http://www.ajllewellyn.com/ and http://www.djmanly.com/
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Tess MacKall said...

Great interview, A J. What a hoot you two are.

I love the fact you did a book together. Bet it's too hot for hell. lol

can't wait to pick up a copy and read.


AJ Llewellyn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tess! We had so much working on this book. DJ was great! Looking forward to our upcoming interview, too!!


Deb said...

AJ And DJ fabulous interview.
I was laughing enjoying the interview like I was in the same room with you both.

Congrats on the up and coming book.

AJ Llewellyn said...

Thanks Deb!!


DJ Manly said...

Glad you are enjoying the interview. AJ pumped me for...I mean, asked me all kinds of fascinating questions as you can see...

I "enjoyed" working on AJ...well, with him and I hope you like the books."wink"

Love you, DJ

AJ Llewellyn said...

Oh love you right back DJ!


DJ Manly said...

I did say books...plural...might be a typo...might not be!!


DJ Manly said...
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