Friday, August 8, 2008

Author Spotlight: Carolyn Jewel

Today's author in the spotligh is Carolyn Jewel with her new release, My Wicked Enemy. Use this link to see reviews, the trailer and to buy the book! http://www.carolynjewel.com/books/mywickedenemy.shtml


Carolyn Jewel has been writing stories ever since she could scribble. Now that she's grown up (mostly) she writes historical and paranormal romance because she loves history and imagining the lives of people who lived in years past, and because she's fascinated by the loves and travails of the not-exactly-human in any time period. Carolyn lives in Northern California with her son, three cats, a border collie, several chickens, some sheep and various strays and other rescued critters. Ms. Jewel is also a Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator who specializes in, uhm, administering MS SQL Server databases. It's not nearly as exciting as writing. She loves to hear from readers, so don't hesitate to email!


A Desire That Can’t Be Controlled . . .

Carson Philips is a witch on the run. For years, the notorious mage Alavro Magellan has held her as his psychological prisoner. But once Carson gets a glimpse of the true extent of his evil, she flees Magellan’s mansion--- stealing a stone talisman of unimaginable power on the way. Her only hope for survival is a demon who ignites a voracious hunger in her she can’t deny, a longing she can’t resist. . .

A Hunger That Can’t Be Sated . . .

Nikodemus is a warlord with a mission: Kill Magellan and his green-eyed witch at any cost. But when he meets the desperate Carson, the pull of her magic takes his breath away. He’s not sure he can trust this tantalizing woman--- she’s his enemy ---and less sure he can keep his hands off her. But Magellan will stop at nothing to reclaim what belongs to him. Can Nikodemus save Carson before his desire for her destroys them both?


Only a little. Such a sweet, bitter tang against his tongue. The skin across his back rippled. He was so deep in Carson’s head he never wanted to come out. She was dark and sweet her magic tainted everything. He flexed his hips and the slide into her racheted his pleasure again. She made a little sound in the back of her throat. “Carson,” he whispered.
He could drink her forever, stay in her forever. She moved her hips again.

"Carson, I need you not to move.”
She groaned. She was as gone as he was and that just, you know, what male didn’t get extra turned on when a women lost it with him? He wasn’t going to, but he got her turned around and he went into her from behind. For quite a while he thought he was safe, that her backside against his belly was enough, that sliding into her again and again alike this was enough. But it wasn’t. It just wasn’t. He slid backward off the bed, shaking. He was so close. So close to changing because his body and soul wanted her. If he did, it would feel good. Beyond good. She turned over, eyes questioning.
Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. The words became a roar in his head.
She held out her arms.
“I’m not supposed to do this with a human. We want it,” he said. “We all do, but—”
“Something wicked,” he said. His cock ached to be inside her. But if this was going to end here, he needed to be in control. “Something bad. Something very bad. Something you might not like.” She’s human, he thought. And the wickedness of his urges cranked him even higher. “Otherwise, we have to stop. I’m sorry.”
She tipped her head and considered him, and their connection attenuated.
He swallowed hard. “I am not walking away from you. And I’m not lying.” She misunderstood
what was happening to him. She thought he was abandoning her, cutting her off again. “I’m trying to keep you safe.”
She sat up, and he waited. He wasn’t any better off. His fucked up and depraved desire was still there, and he was working hard to keep her safe. “Safe,” she said. “From what? I know what you are, Nikodemus.”
“You don’t know what you’re doing to me.” Idiot that he was, he walked back to the bed.
“I know you make me feel good. I know you’re different. Not human. Not like me.” Her hair fell
over her ears, and she was drop-dead sexy, the way she looked at him all shy and with her mouth so thoroughly kissed. He started to lose it. His body came to flash point. “Don’t let it end like this. Not when I know there’s more.”
She ran a hand along his flank to his hip and in his head he was seeing the two them again, her all small and pale and him not human any more, and she was working him. He lost his sense of human shape when she looked at him from under her lashes and he got a full dose of her green eyes. “Don’t say no,” she said. “Please?”
“I don’t want to frighten you,” he said, thinking maybe there was still some way to avoid this fiasco. Although, actually, maybe he wouldn’t mind it if she was afraid, just a little. “But I can’t maintain. This form. I”m sorry, I just can’t. If you don’t want that, we have to stop—” His words stopped on a gasp because she’d just touched his thigh high up enough that maybe the location qualified as his groin “—now.”
“I’m not afraid of you, Nikodemus.” She touched his hip again. “I’m not afraid of you at all.”
Just fuck it then.
“I’m going to take away the light.” He said it slowly, giving her time to find a no, in case it was in her and she just needed time. “You won’t be able to see me. Are you all right with that?”
She nodded.
The lights winked out. He took away all the light. All of it. His magic had always been dark-edged, and he embraced it because this was his source, the essence of his nature. His back rippled, and he shifted.
Slowly, he became aware of his body and its state of arousal, and then hers. He saw perfectly in the dark. The human shape of her, her eyes staring hard, unable to penetrate the blackness. He smelled her skin and her arousal, and he caught the tangy scent of blood from the accidental cut on her shoulder. Skin so pale, her hair a dark slash over her shoulder. He knew she felt his shift. They were standing too close for her not to have felt the push of his magic. But she couldn’t see him.
He lowered himself onto the mattress, over her. His perceptions always changed when he shifted, his experiences were rawer, harsher. A little fear wouldn’t be a bad thing to feel. Just a little. Just enough to wind him up. Her palms brushed him, stilled, then moved, and she drew in a breath. A gasp. He let her feel the difference of texture and heat. And oh, there it was. Fear, dancing along her skin as her sense of touch fed her information about what he was. A growl pooled in the back of his throat, a bass vibrato.
Her palms followed the outside of his arms. Since he had his weight on his hands, his muscles were taut. She got to his elbows and her hands drifted to his back. There was no way she didn’t feel the difference in size. “I’m not afraid of you,” she whispered.
That was one big fat lie. She was afraid, but she was dealing with it, and if he thought he was hard before, he was wrong. His cock hurt, he was so wound up. She let her head fall back. His mouth followed, finding the cut and letting her feel teeth that were sharper than before.
And then he did it. He slid his inhuman body inside her human one and it was perfect. Raw. Primal. He thrust into her, again and again, and it was incredible, doing her like this, knowing she was feeling the difference in his body, the changed texture of his skin. Human body under him. Human skin under his fingertips, touching him, a human woman’s breasts cupped in his palm. He could see the difference between them. He didn’t need to imagine anymore. He wrapped his
arms around her and rolled until he was on his back.
Carson arched, breathing in hard as he went deeper inside her, and the sound did it for him. A breath and a gasp at once. Her desire mingling with his magic, calling him, pulling him deep into their connection. His desire meeting hers, power and desire tangling. He touched her everywhere he could reach.
He swore even as the wave of passion came over him. His leg came up, his inner thigh pressing against her side because he was holding her down on him now, then pushing back, arching into her down thrust. Setting in deep every way he could. His fingers touched her belly, and she felt the prick of his nails, jumped at the contact. His senses spread out, interlocked with hers. His experience of the world turned sharp and visceral. He had a fiend’s receptivity to emotion, and she had the thoughts and physical experiences of a human.
Her fingers trailed along his shoulders and sent a shiver of arousal through him. Right to his balls. And then she opened up to the energy that gave a fiend power over the physical realm.
He sat up, keeping her on him and she threw her arms around him to stay balanced. Without even thinking what he was doing, he lowered his head to her shoulder and scored her cut a little deeper. She flinched. She was much, much smaller than he was now. Distracted, she couldn’t feel him tracing more lines across and along her body, in this position, her spine, too, so human, lovely soft. No point holding back. They were well past anything acceptable.
“I want to see,” she said into the darkness.
“Are you sure?” He leaned her back until her shoulders were on the mattress. He angled his hips. It didn’t take her long to lock her thighs behind him. More lines. More sparks of pale gold into her skin. His mark on her. He was done kidding himself about that. They were permanent.
“Oh,” she said. And it was a sound of passion. He’d stroked her just right, hit just the right spot inside her.
He gripped her hips and rose up to go deep inside her and he loosened his hold on the lights. Carson’s eyes opened. Blinked. Focused. She didn’t recoil which he didn’t expect anyway, but he got the jolt of her reaction. What caught him off guard was his response to knowing she could see him, see what was inside her human body.
God help him, he kept his eyes on her and said, “Fuck me harder, Carson.”