Friday, August 1, 2008

Author Spotlight: Debra Doggett

Today's author in the spotlight is Debra Doggett, and her book The Prize which will be released in e-book format with The Wild Rose Press on September 12th and will be in print, March 13, 2009. (ISBN# 1-60154-309-3)

Debra Doggett has decided she's reached the stage where she needs to release the voices in her head. No more snickering to herself about the events unfolding in her warped brain. Now she's going to share those weird stories. The Prize is the first one an actual publisher has let see the light of day. She has also written, performed and directed for the stage, her second love. You can visit Ms. Doggett at http://www.debradoggett.com/


Stellan was the last thing Cardis expected to deal with when she fled her home on Adena to avoid another unwanted challenge. Safely stowed away on her father's freighter, she thought she'd escaped those who wished to invoke Adena's ancient tradition of the Virgin Challenge and attempt to win her in marriage. Now she finds herself in the hands of the most unlikely challenger of all. And in spite of all her resolve never to be trapped into marriage, trying to keep herself from melting when Stellan's hands touch her may be the hardest challenge Cardis has ever faced.


“So now you propose that I strip my clothes off and
let you have at me with all the skill your people devote to
such things?”

He paused to stare at her on his way to the sink.
Something twinkled in his eyes that was part lust and
part amusement. “And is that what you think I want to do
with you, have at you?”

Cardis folded her arms across her chest. “Of course.
That’s the whole reason we’re here in this godforsaken
place, so that you can get your hands on me and dazzle
me with the supposed skill you have in luring women into
your bed.”

“Darling, I’m beginning to see how you got rid of your
other potential challengers. You’ve got a tongue that can
make a man walk away in a hurry.”

“And yet I couldn’t drive you away. More’s the pity.”

“Maybe being a backward barbarian gives me an
edge on your fancy Adenan men. Although my risk does
seem kinda pointless when you glare at me that way.”

"I’ve told you all along it was pointless. But you’re too
stubborn to listen.”

“Actually, I’ve never been told I was too stubborn.
More often, not stubborn enough. Maybe you know me

“I know nothing about you at all.”

“No, you don’t, do you?”

He stared at her a moment with a thoughtful look on
his face. Then he walked back to the table and lifted his
chair. Cardis froze as he carried the chair over by the fire.
Was the man going to tie her down? She tried to remember
her mother’s talks on foreplay. Had any of them included
a chair?

Stellan stopped and lowered the chair to the floor
before he turned back to her. She could read nothing in
his expression when he looked at her. He patted the chair
and motioned for her to come over. Cardis looked from the
fireplace to Stellan, wondering which blaze was the most

“Well, maybe there’s something we can do about that,