Friday, March 28, 2008

New Reviews

Plaything by Sara Winters
Chris Washington endured a turbulent childhood with his parents sending him mixed messages about religion and sexuality. As an adult Chris has achieved fame and fortune but has yet to truly find his sexual balance as a man.

Until he meets, Desiree.

The one night Chris spends with Desiree is everything he’s ever desired and some things he never imagined. Relinquishing control to this stranger is something he never thought of doing. As the night proceeds both Chris and Desiree take turns relinquishing control leading to a pivotal and highly sensual love scene.

Plaything is a blazingly erotic short story that will definitely keep you turning pages. However, the connection between Chris’ deprived sexual nature and his upbringing was quickly lost after the first few pages. This made it difficult to really relate to Chris and the lifestyle he’d chosen for himself. Desiree’s character was a complete mystery. There was no rhyme or reason for her appearance or disappearance from Chris’ life. But as one night stands go, Sara Winters has penned a winner.

4 Delightful Divas

A Rose of Any Colour: Maledom

Note: Sapphire Blue our reviewer has even each story a review and rating, she also gave the book a rating of 4 Divas.

ON BENDED KNEE by Candice Brown-Porter 4 Divas

Evan was not really looking for a sub, but Morgan was looking for a Master. Seeing something in her, Evan decided to train her, and that’s all he intended to do. Morgan wanted to learn and ended up falling in love. Unfortunately, gaining the right to wear Evan’s collar wouldn’t come as easily as Morgan’s feelings for him had flourished. Now she had to prove herself to the man she would call Master.

This story was an intriguing look into the initiation of a Submissive. The lesson of how to relinquish control in a safe way was clearly executed and very well written. Love scenes were indicative of the lifestyle and portrayed a connection deeper than just the physical. On Bended Knee was a very enjoyable read.

LITTLE BOOK OF FANTASIES by Miranda Heart 3 Divas

Kaitlyn has always fantasized about a man dominating her. Believing that it was safe, she wrote her fantasies down in her diary and left her diary beside her bed. Until her new boyfriend Steven, a secret Dom, discovers the diary and the fact that Kaitlyn is just the type of woman he’s been looking for.

Great premise, although a little confusing in the beginning. Heart has set the perfect stage for Kaitlyn’s initiation into the lifestyle. While I enjoyed the set up, the characters’ emotions just didn’t ring true to me. Steven wasn’t a very assertive Dom, which made him unbelievable. The sex scenes were hot but lacking in true emotion.

A SCANDALOUS ARRANGEMENT by Kayleigh Jamison 4 Divas

Anna has befallen a fate numerous women in her time period faced. Because of her brother’s debts Anna has been given to a Madame to become the next show piece in a brothel. With the lure of her virginity Anna is purchased her first night on the floor by the Earl of Westmorland, Vere Fane. Unbeknownst to Anna, Vere has a plan for her. Anna is first angry, then astonished by the way in which Vere has chosen to use her. Her reaction is quickly overshadowed by pleasure and a deep desire to please Vere.

A Scandalous Arrangement is a vivid look into the BDSM lifestyle, and not for the faint of heart. Still, the emotional thread between Vere and Anna is clear, their connection true and enticing.

UNWRAPPING AMY by Emily Ryan-Davis 5 Divas

Amy wants to be dominated, or so she believes. However, because of his parents’ abusive marriage, her husband, Mac refuses to do anything that might hurt her. When she gets an assignment modeling sex toys, Amy sees this as a chance to show Mac what she really wants in their sex life, as opposed to saying the actual works. Mac is tired of his estrangement from Amy, tired of the fact that there’s no way he can please her. But once he sees her modeling the sex toys he’s terribly aroused and knows that she’s trying to tell him something.

Unwrapping Amy was my favorite story in this anthology. This was a stunningly romantic story that I didn’t want to end. Mac’s love for Amy was apparent as he studied the BDSM lifestyle in an effort to give her what she wanted. With that in mind, Amy’s continued resistance and indecisiveness did wear on me after a while. And the ending of the story was a bit abrupt so that I wasn’t sure what the couple’s final decision was.

EFFLORESCENCE by Katrina Strauss 4 Divas

This travel back in time through Hannah’s eyes was a glorious flow of youth and exploration. The author’s voice is gentle and alluring as Hannah relives the best time of her life. Pavel, the artist had given Hannah much more than a boost in her modeling career but a taste of sexual freedom that Hannah would never find again in her living years. Although there wasn’t really a Dom/Submissive element to this story, the attraction between an artist and his model was genuine and evoked tender emotions that would apparently last the span of time.

The bittersweet ending is what remains on my mind, along with the romantic symbolism of the blue rose. I especially enjoyed the ending. A job very well done by Ms. Strauss.

TOUCHING DOWN by Joe Wilson 3 Divas

Joe is a Dom. Pita is now his Submissive.

This story is written in a recap sort of manner, flashing back to different times in Joe and Pita’s relationship. The author did a great job showing the connection between a Dom and his Submissive from the early stages to the later, committed and dedicated relationship. Even with Pita’s original fears and reservations, Touching Down is a clear depiction of the depth of the relationship between a Dom and Submissive.

The love between the couple is apparent and this would have been a really romantic love story, however, I found the flashbacks a little jarring, interrupting the flow too much for a short story.

Recommended Reads:

Irish Charm by Donna Dalton

This wonderful story opens with mystery and action, immediately drawing you in. I was fascinated by Agent Kathryn Mitchell and couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

You will cheer Katie on the entire read. She is a modern woman, set in historical times, trying to make her place in a man’s world. Her rival agent, James Donovan, plagues her yet intrigues her at the same time. Watching their budding sensual connection grow is fascinating. They start off as virtual enemies, and from their a sweet friendship grows into a romance that we all dream of having.

This book is packed with intensity and I wasn’t able to stop reading until the very satisfactory end.

I give this book 5 Delightful Divas, and highly recommend reading it.