Friday, March 28, 2008

Author Spotlight Raine Delight

Devon Falls: Red Hot Magic
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal Erotic
Out now at Aspen Mountain Press (www.aspenmountainpress.com)

Red Hot Magic Excerpt-

Raven traced her finger across his inked name; she trembled inside with a need coursing through her veins like hot molten lava. Her juices wet her panties. She kept shifting as the auction got under way. How can it be him? I don’t even know the man yet he haunts my every thought.
Not sure what to do, her nerves on edge, Raven jerked in anticipation as they announced the start of the auction.
Jenna leaned over and poked her in the shoulder “Girlfriend, why are you so antsy? Who are you going to bid on? How about bachelor number 4? I hear he is pretty good looking.”
“Maybe Cheri I will, but I want to see what the competition is like first you know. It won’t do me any good if I put all my eggs in one basket, especially as Hailey Meredith is in the crowd and looks ready to bid when ever I do. You now how she is towards me, always trying to out do me over everything.” Raven giggled as Bachelor number two was snapped up by a grandmotherly type woman. He was adorable; the dog was cute as well, a small toy terrier puppy with colors of browns and greys.
“It is your call Honey. But I think you should definitely bid on the new guy in town. He is dreamy according to my sister.” Jenna smiled her secret smile and went back to watching the auction.
Looking up as Bachelor three was announced; she began to fidget and made a show over looking at her program. She began to ponder what was so special about this Bachelor; Jenna was all but throwing him at her.
Soon it was the man of the hour. It seemed the energy in the room went up one hundred fold. The women looked as if they were eagerly awaiting a rock star. Raven saw out of the corner of her eye, Jenna smiling at Marc craftily, she could have sworn they were up to something but what was beyond her grasp at the moment. Raven turned her full attention to the stage where the most magnificent man walked amid the catcalls and cheers, so supremely handsome, it took her breath away.
That chiseled face and eyes…the rock hard body in a tux tailored to look as if it were made just for him…the way he walked made him look like sex on legs, all hot and molten. God when he turned around, the room went in a tizzy with screams. Man did he have a nice, tight ass.
Raven almost came right then and there when she thought about how her hands would feel holding onto those cheeks. It was a perfect ass in her opinion to grab onto, wrap her legs around, and never let go of.
The bidding started with a furious passion and soon it was over a thousand dollars.
“Go ahead, honey, bid on the man!” Jenna encouraged as she practically climbed out of her own seat with excitement. “The dog is so cute, with its scrunched up face. The colors are amazing on the Boxer; I know how you like that breed.”
Raven blinked. It seemed as if he looked right at her from the end of the runway. Gulping quickly, she raised her paddle up to bid twelve hundred dollars on him.
Before she knew it, she was in a bidding war with Hailey Meredith.
“Two thousand.” Raven called out.
The crowed roared as each bid went up even more!
“Two thousand five hundred!” Hailey’s voice called out.
Raven gulped and bid her last amount she knew she could afford and prayed as hard as she could, never taking her eyes of this man. “Three thousand dollars!”
The crowd groaned as no one bid again. As the gavel went down once…twice…three times, Raven almost fell off her chair in shock. The gavel rang down as sold…to her! Stunned disbelief raced across her face as Jean-Claude came down the stairs, with Jeb. He looked right at her and smiled that slow, sexy grin all too familiar yet he was still a stranger. Her thighs clenched together, she wanted to come right then and there. OH MY GOD!!! I just won that sex god! Raven thought just before Jean-Claude walked up to her.

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Jeanne said...

Great excerpt, Raine! Looking forward to reading more!