Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're Recruiting

Do you like to read... a lot?

Dark Diva Reviews is looking for a few people who love to read to join our team.

Right now we only review erotic and romance e-books, but we'll take any genre within those. For example romantic suspense or erotic fantasy.
There is no minimum number of reviews you need to put out each month, we understand that you have lives and other responsibilities. So do we.
We're a relaxed review company, who wants to give the best and most honest reviews we can.

Authors this is a great opportunity for promos. If you join you can use our yahoo group to promo your books as well as our blog and you'll get a small spot on our about the divas web page.

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Dark Diva team please send an email to darkdivareviews@gmail.com with "reviewer" or "would like to join" in the subject line.

Website- http://www.darkdivareviews.webs.com

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