Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Interviewing Jane Beckenham

1) Tell us a little about yourself?
Well…the good news is I’m reasonably sane, the bad news is…I’ve passed the 50 mark this year (group sympathy boo hoo there please!) Actually, I live in New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa which translated means Land of the Long White Cloud, although today the sky is absolutely cloudless and the sun hot hot hot! I’ve been writing for about ten years and have had success with both time travel/romances and contemporary romances.
Have been married for 24 years and have two daughters my husband and I adopted from Russia 11 years ago.

2) Do you prefer Pepsi, Coke, or Dr Pepper?
Oh definitely diet coke.

3) What’s your favorite book/Author other than yourself?
LOL… I think I love all of Sandra Hill’s books. She writes such sexy men and sassy heroines.

4) What’s your favorite movie?
The Sound of Music… I love to sing along – my kids hate me singing!

5) What inspires you?
The fact that I wake up every day and can actually get out of bed. Several years ago I was not too far from being wheelchair bound, so getting up and walking each day is a miracle.

6) What are your aspiration?
To always write a book/s I can be proud of.

7) What made you want to be a writer?
I’m really not sure. Though friends tell me I used to talk about it, but I really don’t remember that! I love reading, and having spent years in hospital, books became my escape. Now, creating characters and writing their stories is an escape.

8) What do you write?
I write both contemporary romance and historical/time travel. I love to be able to do both. Be My Valentine, Woman of Valor are both time travels. What I’ve found now though is my contemporary stories are becoming a bit more sassy. I just love making that hero squirm.

9) How long did It take before you where published?
A year originally with Woman of Valor which I co-wrote with Ellen Ben Sefer, as Janelle Benham, then about another year for myself, with Valentine. I’m with Linden Bay Romance and Red Rose Publishing now and having fun.

10) What writer do you most look up too?
All of them/us. We work so damn hard to get the story down, to give readers a great read and entertain them. We’re an amazing breed!

11) What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished a novella titled Desperately Seeking Santa, it’s meant to be a bit more erotica, but I don’t think I can write THAT sexy, besides, I would never let my mother read it! I’ve also got an historical underway, in the late 1600s when the Hugeuenots were escaping persecution in France.

12) What do you have coming out?
Well, I’ve just sold The Sheikh’s Proposal to Red Rose Publishing, so waiting for a release date on that.

13) What do you have available?
Woman of Valor – Janelle Benham www.trebleheartbooks.com
Always a Bridesmaid – Jane Beckenham www.trebleheartbooks.com
Be My Valentine – Jane Beckenham www.trebleheartbooks.com
Hiring Cupid – Jane Beckenham – www.lindenbayromance.com
He’s The One – Jane Beckenham – www.lindenbayromance.com
The Sheikh’s Proposal – not out yet – www.redrosepublishing.com

You can check them out at my web site… www.janebeckenham.com

Thank you for sharing with us.
You’re very welcome, thank you for having me.


Robyn Grady said...

Desperately Seeking Santa. I love it!!
Great interview, Jane. And beautiful site, too

Robbie x

Jade Twilight said...

Thanks Robyn