Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cindy Jacks : Point of Distraction


Ever dreamed of leading in a glamorous, sexy, and extravagant life? Experience it all vicariously through Ana Welsh in these dynamic chick-lit stories. In the third collection in the Point of Distraction Series, Ana's back -- and as bad as she wants to be!

In Ghosts of Ana Past, Ana reconnects with an old flame who stirs up memories of a more carefree time in her life. Now that Eli's set this fire, it's up to Ana to contain the blaze.

Misadventures in cougar-ing plague Ana in Boy Toy. Jake's hot, bold...and only twenty years old. But in the midst of a premature mid-life crisis, what's a girl to do?

Friends with Benefits finds Ana reeling from a family emergency. When Nikhil provides a strong shoulder to cry on, it's all too tempting to toss out that pesky platonic relationship and give in to romance.


My eyes drank in the expanse of his mocha skin. I’d suspected since I’d met him that underneath his clothes lay a body of exquisite muscle tone. Now, faced with his taut abdomen and sinewy arms, I was taken by his form. The desire to touch every inch of him struck me, but before I could act, he reclined me and covered my neck with his mouth.

I relaxed into his caresses. His lips, his tongue, his fingertips seemed on every inch of my exposed skin. Urgency existed in his embrace and yet he did not stray from my neck, my breasts and abdomen. He spent untold time there as if he were making a careful map of my body.
Though I was enjoying his sweet attentions, my natural impatience flared. I reached for his belt buckle, but his hands diverted mine and set them back onto the blanket. He stretched out one of my legs, untied my shoelace, and slid the boot off along with the sock. He repeated this with my other boot. His fingers strayed to the zipper of my jeans and unfastened it with apparent care. He slipped my pants over my hips and off my legs. His hands stroked the length of my bare legs, varying the pressure of his fingertips. His thumbs hooked the waistband of my panties and inched them down, over my knees, past my ankles, and laid them to rest on the growing piles of my clothes.

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Cindy Jacks worked for ten years in the corporate arena, but left the boardroom at the age of thirty-three for a more fulfilling existence. Three years later she is happy to be a full time writer. Her characters are usually strong women, but with real insecurities and concerns of universal to all women. Recurring themes in her books include the sensuous qualities of food, the identity struggles we all experience, and pushing the boundaries of traditional femininity.

She lives in Northern Virginia, a stone's throw away from Washington, DC. When not writing or chasing after her four year-old son, she makes jewelry, practices belly dancing, and experiments with international cooking.