Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Author Interview: MARC JARROD

1. Hi Marc and thanks for coming into the Dark Divas’ den…don’t get too many other guys in here, so this ought to be fun! Okay, my first question is, apart from being an author of romantic fiction, you’re a UPS driver. What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you in the course of delivering a package? Ever had a woman open the door naked?
Well, I hate to say this but, even though, I do work for UPS, I am not a driver. I am sorry I misled anyone. I think what it is, is that when I tell somebody I work at UPS, they immediately think I am a driver. What I do is work inside the building. I sort packages to their destination and I am also a clerk, doing address corrections. However, I was a driver at one point. One of the most humorous comments I would get from people receiving packages is when I would knock on the door and say UPS, I have a package, I would hear from the other side, Is it paid for? I don’t want it, if it’s not paid for. In other words, if it was a COD, they wouldn’t even open the door. (Okay, you had to be there.) LOL

2. Your books are intriguing because you seem to understand women very well and tell the stories from their POV. They all have quirks though, such as Charlie Jackson from One Dangerous Woman being a very violent, dangerous assassin. You know many women like this in your every day life?
Well, I hope not. LOL I love reading about the underworld— Demons, vampires, etc. I also love mobster novels, such as the Godfather. So, I incorporated the two genres into one. What I loved about One Dangerous Woman, especially from the woman’s perspective is that though Charlie was a cold blooded assassin, she also had a human side in that she loved children and she could also be in love as in loving Dexter.

3. If I were to describe your books, I’d say they were twisted romances…with demons, Satan and vampires running around in them. What books do you have coming out next? Will you continue in this paranormal realm?
As a matter of fact, next release will be in that genre. Last Christmas I wrote Ferver Black’s Christmas Wish, which was a vampire story. I had never written vampire before, even though I love that genre in that I have seen dozens of movies dealing with vampires. My favorite is Interview with a Vampire. There will be a sequel to the Ferver story, titled, Ferver Black’s Christmas Wish…Return to Darkness.

4. I know you are tackling M/M for an anthology…how graphic will it be and ahem…how much research is involved here?
Just like my Ferver story, this will be my first attempt. Luckily because it will be an anthology, it will be short so I wont have to stretch my imagination. J I believe it will be a love story. More like a male who thought he was straight, and a gay male who brings him around and shows him the joys of the gay life style. Because it will be his first time, it won’t be very graphic, but there will be some sex involved. I did my research from reading your stories, AJ. You are a master storyteller where, though your characters are vampires, you also make them human in that they laugh, cry, joke around etc. I love that. That is why I believe you are so successful.

5. Wow, thanks, Marc! You live in St. Louis, Missouri but moved there from Italy when you were a child. Do you remember much of Italy? Have you been there since?
Not a whole lot, I must admit. When I came here, which was July 4th, 1959, I spoke fluent Italian. Unfortunately, I went straight to school that September. I was able to speak some English but not a whole lot. So when a nun would tell me to color the drawing of a boat, blue, I would color it another color because I had no idea what she was talking about. LOL. I am thinking of perhaps traveling there when I retire from UPS.

6. What are the best and worst things about living in St. Louis?
The best things— along with the Arch, I would say it is truly a sports town what with The St. Louis Cardinals and Rams and the St. Louis Blues. When it comes to the Cardinals, people and even other teams say St. Louis is one of the best sports towns in the country because of the support we give our team. I was also proud that St. Louis was the host of the All-Star game in which we were able to showcase our city. The worst part is, because of the economy, two of our major auto plants—Chrysler and Ford have down. They were major employers for the city.

7. What is your writing routine like? With three books published (that I know of, including One Dangerous Woman, Ferver Black’s Christmas Wish and A Heavenly Christmas, you are pretty prolific. Do you write every day?
Well, not as prolific as you, AJ. LOL but thanks for the moral and morale boost. I try to write everyday even if it is in small spurts. Sometimes, just as every writer goes through this, I hit writer’s block. When that happens, I watch TV, take a walk or go to a movie. Believe it or not, I also get inspiration when I work. Sorting packages can be boring, so I would kind of daydream, thinking how I could write a scene. When it hits me, during lunch, I take pen in hand and start writing the scene before I forget it.

8. You were in the middle of edits on a book called Time Eternal when the publishing company went under. Will you ever resurrect that? The premise sounds so intriguing!
I am glad you asked that. Time Eternal—now renamed, Imagine because I felt it fit the story line better and the title to me, was exotic—is just about finished. I am very proud of this story because it was my first effort as a writer. To show how naïve I was a writer, the first thing I did after finishing the story, was to look for a literary agent to hawk my masterpiece. LOL I had no idea epubs were out there. Then I came across some epubs on the internet and after getting rejected a number of times, StarDust Press took me on. That is where I met one of my colleagues Stephani Hecht. Imagine is a time travel book but it will have a twist in the end and of course a HEA.

9. I know you are a big football and baseball fan. What other interests do you have? Do you read a lot and who are some of your favorite authors?
My favorite author is James Patterson who writes crime novels. I love his books because he is a fast read. His chapters are like only 2-3 pages long. What I love about his works is he is an author who cuts to the chase, without giving vivid descriptions of scenery or minor characters. Another favorite leisure time is Trivia. I occasionally go to Trivia Night gatherings and more than once, my team has won first place.

10. Now for a tough question. You ready? What was your favorite toy growing up?
The old Etch A Sketch and yo-yo’s. I loved doing, walking the dog, rock the cradle, around the world etc. on my yo-yo. I loved drawing landscapes on the Etch a Sketch. OMG, I am truly showing my age now. LOL

11. I know you like classical music and oldies rock. Do you listen to music and what kind when you’re writing? What about when you’re having sex?
I listen to oldies rock when writing. But if I am struggling, I will listen to classical to help me relax. Music while having sex? I don’t usually have music, but if I did, it would be classical because it would be so relaxing.

12. Which living person do you most admire?
My next door neighbor. She is close to 90 but has the energy of a 20 year old. I could only hope I have even half that energy if and when I reach that age.

13. Which living person do you most despise?
Osama Bin Laden. He is the true antichrist. And any dictator who is guilty of genocide.

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Dark Diva said...

I just love your interviews, AJ.

Marc, my age must show a little too, because I loved yo-yo's and Etch a Sketch! Oh, and oldies rock is the best!

Deb said...

Oh AJ you have done it again, what a delightful interview with Marc.

Marc, I thought you were going to say your most memorable thing about delivering for UPS was a crazed author waiting for their print releases. Believe me I know a few the wait on baited breath..lol

Oldies rock, even my kidlets love them :D

What a wonderfull interview. Thanks Marc for letting AJ in to pick your brain, he always finds the most interesting things.

AJ Llewellyn said...

Thank you Dark Diva and Deb,
Marc is a total sweetheart and so are you both for stopping by.
PS I love Etch A Sketch too!

Marc Jarrod said...

Thank you DD and Deb. That was very nice of you to leave those comments. I will cherish them.
I also want to thank AJ for doing the interview. I enjoyed every minute of it.