Friday, May 15, 2009

Yvonne Eve Walus In The Spotlight

Yvonne Eve Walus

Author Bio:You won't believe this, but when I'm not a novelist I'm actually a Doctor of Mathematics. A wife and a mother. Most of all though - I am a writer (in several languages) and I will sell my soul for a place on the NY Times Bestseller List.Professional stuff: I'm a full member of Crime Writers' Association (CWA) which can be found here. (I blog for them, so check it out here.) I also belong to Romance Writers of New Zealand (RWNZ). JPG file of coverattached (Witch Hunts On the Internet)


Danger!!! Internet chats are immediate and intimate, but sometimes they only create the impression of a relationship. Sometimes they break hearts. Sometimes they claim lives. Danger!!! The Internet makes many things look ok even though they are not: porn, sex parties, talking to strangers. It changes the rules and the way the world works. Danger!!! Internet People are not always what they seem. When your 13-year old daughter pretends to be 15 and in a dating chat room with a 40-year old guy... how far would you go to protect her? Week 1-This is a transcript of a chat I found on my daughter's computer. Well, not the whole transcript, which was full of stuff like 'random' and 'weird' and 'whatever'. What follows is only the salient bit.-

Tom16: Need to tell u something important. A secret.

Alicia15: Ok ... :-)

Tom16: Not sure if I can trust u.

Alicia15: Why not?

Tom16: Lots of people online aren't who they say they r. If I hear ur voice, I'll know u r not a middle-aged perv posing as one of us.

Alicia15: Makes sense.

Tom16: So. Do u have a mobile?

Alicia15: Yeah. But no.

Tom16: A webcam?

Alicia15: Forget it!

Tom16: Just kidding. How about photos then?

Alicia15: Plural? That's greedy!!! LOL

Tom16: Anybody can have 1 pic of a 15yo girl. If u have 5, u may be for real.

Alicia15: Dunno. I'm not cool with sending my photos.

Tom16: Come on. It's not like giving ur home address or the gold, u know?

Alicia15: GTG PAW


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