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Author Interview: JAMBREA JO JONES

Author Interview by A.J. Llewellyn

1. Hi Jambrea, thanks so much for stopping by the Dark Divas’ den…you are one of my closest and most cherished online buddies. I’ve watched you grow from a reader and reviewer to full-fledged author and I am proud of you! Please tell me first of all how it felt when you sold your first book Runaway Man.

Thanks for having me here AJ and xoxo to you! I was OVER the moon. Runaway Man is not only my first solo story, but it is also my first try at M/M. I love seeing my name on that cover!

2. I know you like reading M/M books and have written one. But your new book, the Marine tale is M/F isn’t it? Which genre do you prefer to write?

I don’t just like reading M/M, I LOVE it. Lol I really don’t have a preferred genre yet. I like the challenge of the characters and the genre sort of follows. I’m still pretty new and want to find my voice. I have a M/M/F in the works as well as more M/M & M/F. I have Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Contemporary…We’ll just say I’m an eclectic writer! heehee

3. You contributed a short piece called The Unseen Path to a contest I held with several other authors on our Seven Wicked Writers site. You came in the top three according to our publisher, Tina Haveman who has given you a contract for the book and I know it’s coming out in time for Halloween. Congratulations! I loved this story, not just because you’re my girl but because it is a stunning piece of writing. What was the inspiration behind it and what can we expect from the longer piece?

Thanks AJ! I started out because I LOVE contests. They push me to write things I might not try otherwise. I knew the story had to have a Halloween theme and I started with the typical scary house and it was downhill from there. Lol I actually had a tough time when I went to make the story longer. I knew the main character had to have a brother. I had to think, what would make her give herself to a stranger to protect her brother and how did the brother wound up cursed. At first he had a girlfriend and she was the cause of the whole problem, but it didn’t feel right. So I gave him a boyfriend and it just came to me. The story started to really flow. His story is next. J So Unseen Path is Molli’s journey to help her brother and her introduction to a world she didn’t know excited. I had fun writing it and can’t wait to get to her brother!

4. You have several WIPS including the tantalizing-sounding The Seeds of Dawn series. Is this fantasy? Sci-fi? What do we have to look forward to?

Thank you again. The Seeds of Dawn is a shifter story and paranormal. The first story in the series is called Dreams and it was the first full story I finished. It is around 30k. I have at least three stories I want to do in this series. Maybe more. It needs a lot of polishing before I try to sub it again.

5. I know this is your first-ever author interview but I have a massive ego that needs constant reinforcement. Who’s the sexiest author who ever interviewed you?

Hmm…can I think about it…lol Of course it’s the ultra sexy AJ Llewellyn!

6. What is your writing routine like? I know you are juggling the demands of marriage, motherhood, the dreaded day job and writing. Do you write every day?

I try to write every day. It doesn’t always happen. Some days I have time at work where I can write. I usually try to wait until my son goes to bed and work for a couple hours. I’m lucky to have wonderful in laws who love their only grandchild so much that he spends a lot of time with them on the weekends so I try to write some then too. As you can see…I really don’t have a routine. It’s just write when I can. lol

7. When you are writing, do you listen to music? Do you choose different types of music for different works? Do you play your hubby’s music?

I usually write with the tv on in the background. Sometimes I’ll listen to music and I’ve gotten a few ideas for stories listening to the radio. When my son or husband isn’t here, I’ll turn music videos on and listen to them while writing. I know some writers have soundtracks for their stories, but I don’t. Well…I should say I didn’t. heehee. I was listening to Pink and got this GREAT story idea and I’m going to use her album and listen to it when writing the story. I can’t wait to get started with it.

8. Do you have sex to your hubby’s music? Does he ever stop in the middle of it to air guitar along with himself?

ROFLMAO! Hmm…now you have me thinking, I don’t think we have. We’ve had sex after he’s rocked out at a show. Does that count? lol

9. You recently took your hubby to a strip club for his birthday. Am I allowed to mention this? And how did he enjoy it?

Yes I did take him to a strip club. I think he was a little uncomfortable to tell you the truth. Heehee. Of course the woman wouldn’t dance for him because I was there. The cool thing was they had one of his CD’s there from an earlier band he was in and one of the dancers danced to it!

10. She wouldn't dance with him because of you? Whaddya know, a scared stripper! Ahem...What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

I can’t get a routine going. I would love to have a set time to do everything, but it never works out. I know I would be more productive if I had a schedule. I also wish I could write faster!

11. What is the trait you most deplore in others?

Meanness. I really don’t like it when people are mean for no good reason other than it makes them happy.

12. As a writer what words or phrase do you most overuse?

Um…how much time do you have? Lol I have an addiction to was, just, felt…um…I know there are more. But hey…at least I admit I have the problem. heehee

13. If you were Queen of the World for 15 minutes and could make any changes and do anything in the world you wanted, what would you do?

World peace? Does that sound too Miss America? Lol

14. Okay…you are having a dinner party and you can invite six guests – they can be anybody at all alive or dead. Who would you invite and what would you serve for dinner?

Only six? Okay…AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manley, TA Chase, Linda Winfree, Mari Carr and Margret Mitchell. I would love to sit around a table talking to everyone about writing! Now for dinner, it would have to be something vegetarian for my AJ. I’m thinking some veggie lasagna with lots of sweets for dessert. :)

15. Jambrea, I'm on my way! Hon, thanks for your time. I have just one more question. Was it as good for you as it was for me?

It was FABULOUS darling! I think I need a cigarette. Wait…I don’t smoke. heehee

On behalf of the Dark Diva Reviews I’d like to thank Jambrea Jo Jones for stopping by today. I love this woman! To learn more about this talented and gorgeous author, please check out her links:


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Dana Marie Bell said...

Great interview, Jambrea, and congrats on the upcoming release!

joyroett said...

Great interview. Both the interviewer and interview-ee were too funny. :D

Ebook Addict said...

Awesome interview guys you both did great - made me laugh:-)

Jambrea said...

xoxox Love you too AJ!

Thanks Dana, Joy and T! :D

Savannah Chase said...

Great interview Jambrea...congrats you are doing so well

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview Brea & AJ! You're on your way Brea! Keep putting out the hits chic. :)

Marci Baun said...

This is a great interview. And congratulations on your contract!


Unknown said...

another release coming! Can't wait! Great interview, once again, AJ, and you are such a good sport, Brea. Very entertainh, as usual.

AJ Llewellyn said...

Thanks for the awesome comments everyone!! Jambrea is a good sport...hope her hubby thinks so too! Yikes!


Jambrea said...

Thanks all! :)

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