Saturday, August 16, 2008

Naughtiest Excerpt Winner!!

tangy, romance, romantic suspense erotica

Gabriel's Gun: Book 1 by Tess MacKall

Including the prequel Gabriel's Horn

Two strong women struggle for answers in these two unique stories. At their centers is a mysterious stranger who brings change to their lives. Who is he, and who will be the woman to finally bring him to heel? Sex, lies, and big bucks...only Gabriel has the answers.

Gabriel's Horn (prequel)

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Raquel is no exception. Her husband has taken a lover, and Raquel plans to get even. But when you play the game of payback, be careful of the man you choose to do it with, especially if that man is Gabriel.

Gabriel's Gun

Someone has taken a shot at movie idol, Jillian Traynor, and she's pissed as hell to find herself in hiding before a major premiere. But one look at Gabriel sets her body aflame, and the term bodyguard takes on new meaning

Rating: Sizzling

Book Length: Novella

Price: $4.75

Genre: Contemporary

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Hot Excerpt:

The rattle of metal intruded on the moment. She looked down at the glint of silver in his hand. In one swift movement, he gripped her wrists and pulled her from him. The noticeable click echoed through the room. He hoisted her upward in the bed and reached behind her. Another pair of handcuffs dangled from his hand.

Too stunned to react, Jillian never even struggled. Securing the second pair to the thick round chrome of the bed’s headboard, he latched them to the pair on her wrists, and pushed her down onto the bed. A game. It’s all a game. He just wants to play. She’d played before, but never on the receiving end.

The total loss of control only heightened her arousal. A new wave of slick juices trickled from her tight hole. She licked her lips, rubbing her thighs together, watching as he removed the gun from his holster. He placed one knee between her legs and forced them open as he unzipped his jeans. His cock fell heavily from its confines. Her eyes widened. She’d seen big ones, but this was the Daddy of them all. Thick, long, hard and ready.

He cocked his head to one side. “You like my gun, babe?”

Forgetting the handcuffs, Jillian jerked her hands forward and slammed her wrists against the metal holding her at bay. A grin spread across his lips, his low laughter mocking her predicament. He lowered himself to her face, bringing the gun alongside her cheek. The barrel touched her temple. Her eyes twitched in its direction. A shot of adrenaline rushed through her, the hot need of her body now joined with the rising anxiety over the unfamiliar feelings brewing inside her.

Was it fear? Or was it the role he forced her to play? The pulse at the base of her throat jumped in time with the thrumming sensation that engorged her clit. Acquiescing to the potent concoction of raw emotion and primal need, she let the tight coils of tension melt into the current of sexual energy mapping its way inside her veins.

“Well, do you?”

He wasn’t the kind of man who’d ask a third time. “I like your gun very much. And I think I’d like the one between your legs even more.”

“You gonna be a good girl for Gabe?”

“Oh, I’ll be a very good girl for you.”

The icy steel of the gun’s barrel caressed her cheek and floated down over her throat. Her hardened nipples tingled with excitement. Chill bumps rose up on her skin, contrasting with the surge of flame licking at her pussy. The black metal rod slithered over her breasts and flicked her nipples. She breathed in, holding the air in her lungs, steeled against the stinging pain inflicted on her swollen tips. He nudged the tight peaks with the gun’s barrel once more and smiled as she expelled the air with a throaty moan. The gun scorched a path to her navel and circled the small hole. Next stop—the promised land. He laid the frigid metal on top of her junction. Her pussy quivered in response to the sudden chill. The blackened alloy absorbed her warmth and merged with her flesh. He leaned in and devoured one nipple. Curved sweetly into his mouth, she pressed for more as the gun slid down between her thighs. He bit down on the rock-hard tip of pink.

Jillian strained against the handcuffs and cried out with the searing pain that cut into her wrists. Gabriel pushed away and sat up. He let the gun glide over the outer lips of her pussy. Pressing deeper, the barrel dipped inside her wetness. She bucked and shivered with the thrilling feel of its icy hardness as he dragged it through her hot juicy slit. He snatched it away too soon and held the gun up in the air.

“You want my gun, babe?”

She nodded, not quite sure of just what she agreed to, but still in the game.

“Earn it.”