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Author Interview: Raine Delight - Making Memories

Author Interview by A.J. Llewellyn

1. How on earth does a single mother of two manage to turn out five books in a year?
I have no idea. (laughs) I struggle between kids activities and my honey plus time for me to write but somehow I do it.

2. What is your writing schedule like?
I write by the seat of my pants. My muse is a male who seems to disappear whenever I am on deadlines and laughs hysterically as I pound my head against the wall in frustration.

3. What does he look like? He sounds very bossy and possibly sexy!
(snorts with laughter) Yep, you hit it on the head there. He is like a combination of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and since I love tall men, he is over 6 feet tall. *grins* Hey it is my muse and I can dream of whomever I want. LOL…I try to write at least every day regardless if I keep it or not. During school year, I am writing while kids are in school unless I am working. Weekends are family days so no writing at all and hardly any computer time as well.

4. I know you write in the paranormal/fantasy/shapeshifting realm. This covers a whole host of opportunities. With the release of Fiery Magic, the third book in the series, that means there are two more to come. The next one is Haunting Magic isn't it?
Yep, it is Damien’s Twin’s story whom you met in Fiery Magic. Rod is foot loose and fancy free wolf shifter who finally feels the call of a mate. What he doesn’t expect is the one woman who catches his attention by snipping at him. Jaxon is a woman who is lonely yet determined not to be one of Rod’s one night stands.
She suppresses her longing for one night in his arms with a feisty attitude and cutting remarks that all evaporates one night before Halloween and a full moon pulling at Rod like no tomorrow. Can these two end the bickering to see the real people underneath it all? Can Jax tame the wolf or will Rod bring Jax to heel? It is a fun book and the characters are very vocal. *Laughs* The last book is just a germ of an idea but you get an inkling what it may be in Fiery Magic. I haven’t really thought about it but it will be very special.

5. How far along is this book and the last in the series and what can you tell us about them?
Haunting Magic is getting tweaked before I send it in since the characters keep telling me to change this, change that. The final book is not even laid out yet. I have an idea what it will be but I won’t really think on it till after the holidays.

6. Where did the idea for the Devon Falls series come from?
Devon Falls grew from a germ of an idea of a magical town and the regular people who live there unaware of the way magic can influence things around you. I grew up in a small hometown where people knew everything and I patterned a few businesses loosely around them. For example, my hometown had a candy store and I knew the owners as they were friends of my grandparents, I used to go to this quant coffee/bakery place and then I worked in one so I used my experiences there. It all added up to Devon Falls and my love for paranormal.

7. Anything new coming up we should know about apart from the Devon Falls series?
Aspen Mountain press is releasing my Fantasy Romance called Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams. It has a magical Faberge egg, a Fae prince searching for his mate and a woman who is so cynical over love that she is amazed that the love she has longed for is right in front of her eyes.

8. That sounds amazing. Do you read a lot of fantasy? Who are your favorite authors?
I like Fantasy Romance but my boyfriend got my interested in a series he had called The World of Time by Robert Jordan. I devoured all of them and anxiously awaiting the final books. J I have a lot of authors I enjoy like C.E. Murphy’s Harlequin’s Luna series called The Summoning, Anne Kelleher’s Fae series as well through Luna. There are many and I would literally have to go through my bookcase (which I have 3 and counting) to check on correct titles. *laughs* I love Fairies of all kinds and loved creating this little bit of Fairy romance. I also have a few WIP’s that I am going to finish and send out before the holidays.

9. Is there anything you WOULDN'T write?
HORROR! *shudders* I hate horror movies, books anything that scares me to death. *grins* Plus anything that demeans women and men I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pool. I love HEA and all that it entails.

10. Wait. You don’t like horror but you like Halloween, right? Do your children enjoy Halloween?
Yeah go figure. *laughs* I like the suspense but out right horror scares the heck out of me. My kids love Halloween as they get candy! *sighs* I swear that after the holidays, including Christmas, we are eating candy for a year.

11. Johnny Depp [your favorite actor) arrives at your front door with fifteen minutes in which to give you his undivided attention. What do you do in those fifteen minutes?
Just fifteen minutes??!!!! *sighs* Oh all right, I guess I would either be A: too star struck to form a coherent thought or B: I would be able to ask him how he balances his movie stardom with being a family man. Then I would ask, If I had time, did he ever think that his role in the pirates movies would be so wildly popular and would there be more of Capt. Jack. J

12. Are you kidding me? You’d just TALK to the guy? LOL
Raine says: Well yeah. I mean come on; he has two kids and a beautiful woman as his own. I would just be in awe that I was in his presence. Well…I would take lots of pictures and ask for an autograph. LOL

13. What is your all time favorite cheesecake? Got a recipe to share?
Mmmmm I love the Cheesecake Factory and their cheesecakes. J Over the weekend, my honey and I went to the mall and he got me a white chocolate raspberry truffle piece that I will make last for over a week.

14. My favorite is the Craig’s Crazy Carrot Cake Cheese cake. So have you got any cool recipes?
LOL I don’t really make any cheesecakes since I am the only one who enjoys it in my house. *sigh* I recommend getting one of the Cheesecake factory’s pieces. They are wildly addicting. J

15. Was your love of writing encouraged growing up?
Not really. My love for books came as I struggled through many operations as a teenager and some years I was in and out of the hospitals getting better.

16. Operations? May I ask for what?
When I was thirteen, I was diagnosed with cancer of the spine on my vertebrates C-2 thru C-4. I had over a dozen surgeries in 5 years and spent most of my teenage years in and out of the hospital. I didn’t date any and I was picked on because I was different. *shrugs* I have been in remission for over ten years now and since it was extremely rare form of Cancer that hit me at that age, I was written up in medical journals by my doctors (I had 5 doctor specialists treating me).

I found solace in books and the worlds that took over my imagination. As an adult and in remission, I turned my love for reading into my own worlds to explore.

17. Wow…I am so amazed by you. Congratulations on your recovery. You are a survivor! Can I ask you, do you listen to music when you are reading and/or writing?
Music plays an integral part of the process. I like to mention what I am listening to in the book if it plays an integral part of it. In Fiery Magic, Bon Jovi had a song came out called “(You want to) Make a memory” that fit the storyline perfectly and it was mentioned in the book plus I use some music to keep me in the mood. In Haunting Magic, I am listening to the movie soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera.
Thank you very much Dark Divas Reviews and AJ for some great questions and a chance to share my world with you. I hope you can come on by my loop for open Promo day on Fridays.

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