Friday, March 14, 2008

New Reviews

The Soft Edge of Midnight by Stella and Audra Price

This book is fantastic. Stella and Audra have weaved magnificent characters into this fantasy world. Unicorns, Fey, Witches, even Angels and the Fallen keep you turning the pages, not to mention the hot sex scenes. The main characters Illori and Karsten are Unicorns trying to get back to their home called the Glimmer, but they are stuck on earth. With all the twist and turns you never know if they will ever make it back home.

All in all I give this book 4 1/2 Delightful Divas.

The Shimmering Flame by Jeanne Barrack

The life of a Terran may be long, but it's never easy. Especially if that Terran doesn't know who she really is or what she can really do. Brigid had no idea she was the daughter of one of the strongest Terrans ever to walk the earth, or how tangled her destiny would become when she finally discovered the truth. As her memories of a centuries-old life slowly return, so do her feelings for Ethan, the warrior she once loved. What that will mean for her and her current love and husband Gabe is anyone's guess. She has some pretty radical ideas about what she hopes might happen between the three of them, though.

Throw into that mix a demon hoping to rule the world through another, far less scrupulous Terran, and ride gets a lot hairier.

I had a good time with this one. I've never brushed up on my Gaelic myths, but I have to say, I thought it interesting how the author integrated centuries old warriors and lovers into the modern day. It was an interesting mix of myth and electronic magic.

The love triangle is great. The characters are all strong and compelling. They all have the makings of real heroes, and they all have flaws that make them more human for making mistakes and not saying or doing the right thing. There is no damsel in distress, here, and no one needs saving. I like them all. I want them all to win.

The sex was nicely written. I got a sense that these characters really do care about one another, but I do have to say, the book would not have suffered if half the sex scenes were cut. The plot was fast and engaging all on its own. It didn't need the extra heat. Though there are some scenes integral to the story that needed to be there and had a nice amount of heat, others seemed like afterthoughts; throw away scenes that detracted from the ones the plot needed and that were better written.

In the end, I was thrown for a loop to find this isn't the end at all, and the one scene I eagerly awaited never materialized. I suppose it's one way to get me to read the next book. I still want that payoff! (There will be another book, I hope!) The one thing I ask for in any book is a satisfying ending. I'm sorry to say, I was disappointed this time, especially as there was so much promise for a great conclusion, and none came. It felt a little bit like the writer reached her allotted word count and just stopped. Even if this is part of a series, I found there were just too many loose ends left dangling all over the place for me to feel like I'd read the complete first chapter in the story of these three great characters. There is a very strong feeling of 'Until next time…'

I'll give this book three and half delightful divas.

Luck of the Irish By
Aline de Chevigny

I loved the use of Irish language to get you in the mood, and really feel the roots of the mysterious gift that Connor and his family have had for years. Who knew that a simple four leaf clover could change Dina’s entire life? Lot’s of great description, I could see and sense everything that happened. A charming mystical tale of love and lust at first sight.

There were a few typos, that were a little distracting, and with all the action going on, I wasn’t able to get to know the characters too well. All in all, I really enjoyed this short, but sweet and sensual story.

I give Luck of the Irish, 3 Delightful Divas.

Recommended Reads:

Mercykill: Shattered Melody by Michael Barnette

Mercykill: Shattered Melody was a rollercoaster ride of intense emotions. Mr. Barnette manages to weave a story that is both an edge of your seat thriller and a sensual masterpiece. This story packs a punch; evoking sympathy, anger, and joy in every page. You know a story has engulfed your entire psyche when you're talking to the characters. I fell in love with Takeshi, Akira, and Juro and I hope to read more about these characters in the future. I am definitely a fan of Mercykill. Five Delightful Divas

SheWolf by Teresa D'Amario

Talk about an action packed book. Teresa did a wonderful job writing about the Wolven. Starting on page 1 immediately I was immersed into the story, and could not put the book down until the end. Anna a Vet with abnormal smelling abilities learns that she is half Wolven after she is attacked by 2 wolfs wanting her to have their pups. Kieran comes along and saves her only to learn that she is his True Mate. The attraction and steamy heat that Anna & Kieran feel for each other is undeniable and is shown throughout the entire book.
I give this book 5 Delightful Divas, and recommend it as a must read.