Friday, February 29, 2008

Review for Jade Twilight's Jessie's Dirty Little Secret

Jade Twilight’s Jessie’s Dirty Little Secret is an enticing, if short, read. I wanted it to go on, and on, so I guess I was hooked. Jessie, who seems to look just innocent enough, blossoms as a character during the story, from a sweet child to a lust-driven woman who wants to experience it all. I know this because for 28 pages Jessie had me anticipating, but not seeing what I hoped for. Yes she had a family heirloom demon that satisfied her from time to time, and she had fixed her two-timing boyfriend in a rather delicious way, but being an aficionado of the rope and the lash I was still wanting. So imagine my delight when I scrolled down to page 29, and Jessie was grabbing it all, exploring her inner submissive, and moving on from that experience to make a deal with the top dog demon that would have put Monty Hall to shame. Bravo Jade, bravo Jessie, a story well told.

Jennifer Campbell

Obedience is not understood until tested.
Submission is not pure until proven.



Jaycee said...

Oh that looks so good!