Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Bye to a Diva

I have some bad news. Our lovely Dark Diva Rayne will no longer be doing reviews. As most of you have probably noticed reviews have stalled. This is because Rayne recently got a promotion at her day job. Great for her not so great for us. We were trying to limp along with Rayne doing what
she could when she could but it's not working. I do have the wonderful Tess Mackall helping some but she has her own stuff to deal with and not to mention as most you know she is sick. So I'm not going to press her to do any more than she thinks she can.
So what does this mean?
No I'm not closing shop, but I'll be shutting down the website as I don't have the time to keep it updated. I'll do my best to get the reviews out as quick as I can but I do have other irons in the fire so to speak. This also means until I get some what caught up DDR will no longer be taking review submissions.
If anyone would like to help, has time and a love of books, it would be greatly appreciated. You can send an email to dark diva reviews @ gmail dot com(minus the spaces) and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.
Thank you all for understanding.