Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday's Excerpt Winner

Next Floor Naughty By Ann Cory

Excerpt -

"Quiet! I'm going to paddle your golden ass until it glows bright
red won't stop until it's the exact color I want. Unless you can't handle
the pain and you need to use your safe word, I don't want to hear
anything out of you."

Her mind reeled at the thought of what he might do.

He took turns swatting her with the paddle on each side of her bottom,
smacking light and then really giving it to her hard. Several times
she had to bite down on her lip to keep from crying out. In between his
blows, a hot blaze spread across her bottom, the flames taunting at her core.

"I wish you could see the reddish glow for yourself. The shade
excites me.We're almost there. I am pleased to see you obey."

The paddle made contact against her flesh less frequently but it did
little to lessen the pain. One more blow came down harder than she was ready
for. Davian almost called out her safe word when her Master turned the
paddle around and prodded the handle along her damp sex. She gasped and
hoped he didn't hear. All the pain of the paddle disappeared. The way he
traced her inner folds left her open and ready to accept whatever else he
planned. She closed her eyes and imagined Liam's face, licking his lips, prepping
her for his length.

"Let's pretend this wooden handle is my cock. I'm going to slide it
inside.I'll bet you're pussy floods with your juices after a spanking."

She nodded her head.

Her gladiator Master teased her clit with the paddle handle and then
sank it into her pussy. He hammered it inside her swiftly for several seconds
and then pulled it out. He teased the handle around the tip of her clit
and then hammered it inside her pussy again. Davian wanted to scream to not
stop, but this wasn't Liam and she didn't know her Master's limits.

"Does it make you hot for more, submissive? Does it make you want to
grab it from my hands and stick it up inside yourself?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you like the way it's coated in your sweet wetness, your scent
forever stained in the wood?"

She shuddered at the visuals filling her mind. "Yes, Master."

"Then I think you're ready. Stand up and follow me."

Davian wondered what was in store next for her.

"Curious as to what is beneath this sheet?"

It was the same one she'd tried to lift earlier. "Yes, Master."

"Then let us take a look."

He pulled back the sheet and she drew in her breath. At first glance
the strange contraption on the floor looked alien, until she realized
what it was for. Her mouth salivated as she stared at the machine shaped in a
half-cylinder, reminding her of a saddle. Embedded in the center was
a long, thick makeshift cock that she watched vibrate and rotate. It
simulated the movements of a dildo, but she wouldn't have to hold onto it. In front
of cock at the base was a small ball with tiny nubs. She had a feeling
it would stimulate her clit. Davian licked her lips. The very idea of riding
it held her spellbound. She couldn't wait to try it out.

"Does this please you?"

"Yes, Master. I'm very curious."

"You sound too eager. Perhaps we will stick with the paddling."

"No, Master. I am sorry if I was out of line."

"Very well. Here is a tube of lubricant to spread along the cock.
Show me how you would handle my cock."

She knelt and lathered her hands with the clear gel. Working the
lubricant down and around the embedded shaft, she saw firsthand how big and
wide it was. She tried, but couldn't close her fingers around it. Davian
stroked it and placed it between her breasts. The feel of the vibration made her
body shudder.

"Mm. Good submissive. You have me hard as Hades. Now stand. You'll
get your turn to ride this chariot, but first your arms and wrists will be

He pulled her arms behind her and bound them together tight with a
long leather strap starting from her wrist up to above her elbows. The odd
position forced her breasts to jut out, something she was sure he'd
intended. He finished securing her arms and strolled around her,
admiring her body.

"Everything about you pleases me, submissive."

He pinched her nipples with blinding force. Her face flushed.

"Do you see the way the cock moves and rotates? It will stroke your
pussy with fine, steady movements. At the same time it will vibrate, pulsing
inside you. To further your enjoyment the small ball at the base will
stimulate your clit."

His words were oral sex the way they seduced her and made her pussy
contract. Though her arms felt awkward, watching the fake cock move
made her body hot. The dampness between her thighs would have been lubrication

He picked up a square box from the floor and pressed a button. The
cock stopped vibrating but continued to rotate. He pushed another and the
rotation stopped too.

"As you see by this remote, I'm in full control. So long as you are
good, I will let it fuck you. I can make it go fast or I can make it go
agonizingly slow. If you're extra good I will let you communicate to me how fast
you'd like it. At any time I can shut it off or decide the speed. Have I
made myself clear?"

"Yes, Master." Davian craved to know how the machine worked its
magic. She pressed her thighs tight just thinking about it.

"Good girl. It's time to go for a little ride."

She straddled herself over the machine, trying to keep her balance.
Her quivering thighs made it difficult. Davian squatted until the
lubricated tip nudged against her slick entry.

"I'll turn it on again once it's inside you."

Davian steadied herself.

"Ease onto it, that's right, you are being a very good submissive. I
will let others know."

She squatted deeper and gasped as the wide dildo pushed her pussy
apart, filling her up with its width. Her legs shook harder as she slid her
pussy down along the smooth cock, taking in all of its satisfying length.
Her thighs rested along the sides of the cylinder, the toe of her heels
aiding her balance. With the entire cock inside her the ball on the base
started spinning against her clit. Davian swallowed back a shrill cry. It
spun fast and flickered the nubs like a million tiny tongues, setting her up
for an orgasm.

She rocked her body, finding a seamless rhythm. Her clit pulsed,
fired up by the constant attention. This is what she needed. The attention to her
clit alone would take her through the roof.

"You are a vision to watch. Can you feel an orgasm coming?"

She nodded, her breath coming out in short breathless pants.

"I said, can you feel the orgasm, submissive."

"Yes, Master." Her voice was barely audible, but he didn't ask her to
repeat it.

"Perfect. Then I'll turn the rest on and watch you come."