Friday, December 14, 2007

The Starlight Chronicles Pale Stars in Her Eyes by Annabel Wolfe

The Starlight Chronicles
Pale Stars in Her Eyes by Annabel Wolfe

This is a lovely story. I always liked the stories where the captive falls for her captors. Or vice versa. Hope I didn't give any thing away there. The spin Annabel puts on this by placing it in the future makes it even better. I really enjoyed how the super human men were so gentle and caring with Jenna. Even though the didn't have to be, as she is their slave.
The only complaint I had was really my own problem as I had a little trouble following the names.
Annabel is a really great writer, that takes you to a far off places. I give this book 4 ½ Delightful Divas.

Jerra has been abducted, indoctrinated, and sentenced to a life of sexual servitude. It doesn't matter that she had a satisfying life on earth, the superior species evolved from her own planet has other plans for her. When she discovers she is the female who must service the three most important males on a ship bound on an important mission, she is both intimidated and rebellious.

Ran Kartel is a diplomat and he knows this expedition is the most dangerous he has ever undertaken. Never does he consider that a human female—inferior in every way—would stir not only his predictable lust but also his heart. Yes, his body must be sated, but he never expected his emotions to be so engaged.

Three males, one human female, and a very combustible situation that explodes under the pale stars...