Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hall Monitor By Aubrey Leatherwood

Hall Monitor
by Aubrey Leatherwood

I read this short straight through. Then had to let it ferment in my head a little bit, which is unusual. I usually go from the book to the computer and blurt out my immediate feelings.
But for this one I had to think. It’s a good story with real characters. The thing is I wish it had been longer so you could’ve gotten to know them better. There’s a power shift in the story and I really would have liked to have seen this explained a bit more.
Although I have to say Aubury is a very good writer with great descriptions, and as I said believable characters. I would love to see some longer works from her.

But over all I have to give this one 3 Delightful Divas.

Eric, ex-football player come security guard, has exactly what he wants out of the world except Gayle
Dearing, a cool, aloof yet smoldering stunner in a suit and stilettos.

Gayle, an accounting manager, has exactly what she wants out of the world except that one connection, that elemental, sexual, loving connection she’s sought but never found in the arms of many men.

The desires of the two collide when, convinced that Gayle doesn’t even know he’s alive, Eric seizes an opportunity to speak to her: He tells her that she isn’t allowed to have drinks in the company library.

In that one awkward moment, they both gain an electric awareness of each other. It’s then that Gayle entices Eric with a simple request: Watch me.