Monday, May 19, 2008

Naughtiest Excerpt Contest Winner

Cindra and The Bounty Hunter
By Paige Tyler


Beautiful Cindra Mallory is determined to become an interplanetary bounty hunter and has set her sights high for her first job. She tracks a major organized-crime figure halfway across the galaxy, only to run out of both leads and money. Facing the possibility of going home empty handed, she decides to enlist the services of more experienced bounty hunter Bladen Sloan. Unwilling to share the glory – or the bounty – with the ruggedly handsome Bladen, however, Cindra fabricates a convoluted story that has her posing as a jilted bride-to-be, with her bounty as the fiancĂ© she needs Bladen to track down. But when Bladen discovers she has no money to pay him, he agrees to do the job only in return for some extremely special compensation.

Before she knows it, Cindra finds herself signing a contract that has her agreeing to provide ten sexual favors to Bladen in return for his services. How difficult can it be? she thinks. After all, the man certainly isn’t hard to look at. And besides, she can always skip out on the deal the moment they find her fugitive. However, things get complicated when she discovers that Bladen believes in spankings plus she not only enjoys being Bladen’s sex toy, but is starting to fall for him as well. But is there a way to tell Bladen the truth, get her bounty, and still keep the man she’s falling in love with?


Cindra didn’t know what to expect, but the Strap and Cuff was nothing like she had pictured it. After Bladen had paid the exorbitant cover charge, they were shown into a room that reminded Cindra of a library. There were shelves full of books and paintings on the walls, even a huge antique desk and chair. Though everything looked innocent enough on the surface, as she and Bladen moved into the room, she saw that the paintings were a bit on the erotic side, as were the titles of the books.

She let her gaze run casually over the small group of men and women in the room. Though some of the women had on leather skirts and bustiers similar to hers, Cindra noted, most of them wore simple cocktail dresses. The men were dressed either in leather breeches or suits. Much to Cindra’s chagrin, not a one of them was doing anything even remotely kinky.

She leaned close to Bladen and whispered in his ear. “Are you sure we’re in the right place?”

He shrugged. “That’s the name that’s on the door. Unless the waiter gave us bad information. Let’s go look around.”

Taking her hand, he led her past a group of men sipping after-dinner drinks and into the next room. This one was a little more like what she had expected. With walls of rough stone, it resembled a dungeon, complete with shackles on the wall and a whipping post in the center of the room. Secured to the post was a naked woman, her arms high above her head, her back to them. Her skin was so pale it looked almost ghostly and Cindra could just make out the faint crisscross of white scars on the woman’s back and derriere. Cindra watched in astonishment as a big man brandishing a whip stepped up behind the woman. Giving Bladen a little push, she hurried him from the room just as the man drew his arm back and as they stepped through the doorway, she could hear the sound of the woman’s scream as the whip lashed against her tender skin. While the thought of spanking might be arousing, what was going on in that room just looked too painful to even consider trying out.

Though there was also another dungeon room like the one they’d just left, the next several rooms they went into after that were much more to her liking. In some, there were plush velvet draperies and plump-cushioned couches where women were being spanked by men, and in some cases, other women. She hadn’t thought about a woman spanking another woman, but as she watched a pretty blonde redden a petite dark-haired girl’s ass, Cindra had to admit that she found the idea sort of intriguing.

Bladen tried to strike up a conversation with several people there, but was coolly rebuffed at every turn. Though he frowned slightly, he said nothing as he led Cindra into the adjoining room. Like the others, this one was decorated with luscious fabrics and plush furniture, but her gaze was immediately drawn to the odd-looking piece of furniture on the other side of the room. It resembled the saw horses she had seen at construction sites, but it was heavily padded on top and had four leather cuffs attached to it, two on the top and one on each leg. It was both the oddest, and most intriguing piece of furniture she had ever seen. Of course, never having seen one before walking into the club, she probably wouldn’t have known exactly what it was for if she hadn’t seen a girl tied down over it and getting spanked in one of the other rooms.

Dragging her gaze away from the padded horse, Cindra turned her attention to the small group of people clustered around a cushioned bench in the center of the room. As Bladen led her over to them, she saw a pretty blond girl being taken over a handsome man’s knee. Even though her bottom was already bright red fro the spanking she’d obviously just gotten, the girl didn’t protest when her partner told their audience that he thought she needed “just a few more.”

Cindra watched in fascination as the man began to spank the woman’s upturned bottom again. He worked in a methodical fashion, smacking first one cheek and then the other, going back and forth, back and forth until her asscheeks positively glowed. Though the girl kicked and squirmed and even squealed in protest for most of it, it was obvious she was enjoying herself. When he was done spanking her, which wasn’t until a good ten minutes later, the man turned his partner over to sit on his lap and pressed his lips to hers.

After the performance, the crowd dispersed and moved to other areas of the room where they sat down to chat and enjoy their drinks. Bladen tried to insert himself and Cindra into the small group of people talking with the couple that had just given the show, but anything he said was again met with cool, but polite replies, and after a minute, the group simply dispersed to join another, leaving her and Bladen standing there.

Cindra could tell from his clenched jaw that Bladen was getting frustrated. “Maybe they’ll talk to us once they get to know us,” she offered quietly.

He snorted. “And how are they going to get to know us when they won’t even talk to us?”

She was trying to come up with an answer to that when a male voice intruded on their conversation.

“They’re waiting to see if you’re really in the scene or whether you’re just here to watch.”

Cindra turned to see a distinguished-looking older gentleman dressed in an impeccably tailored suit standing behind her.

“Pardon me?” Bladen said.

The man smiled. “Members of our club are a rather tight-knit group,” he explained. “Especially around tourists who gawk at us as if we were the paid entertainment. They’ll open up to you once they see you perform.”

Cindra felt her pulse skip a beat at the word, “perform.” Her pussy immediately went wet at the thought!

Bladen glanced at her. “I see,” he said. “Since we’re new here, do you mind if I ask what the protocol is when it comes to that?”

“Not at all.” The man gestured to the room. “The floor is yours. Simply do whatever you feel comfortable with,” he said and then with a nod, moved off to join the rest of the people clustered on the far side of the room.

Bladen looked at her. “Are you sure about this?”

She nodded wordlessly.

He gently ran a finger down her cheek. “I’ll take it easy on you.”

Cindra gave him a sexy little smile. “Not too easy,” she said softly. “We have to make this look good, you know.”

She leaned close to gently kiss him on the mouth and then before he could reply, she sidled past him to walk over to the padded horse. He probably could have simply taken her over his knee, she supposed, but she’d been drawn to the horse ever since they’d seen the girl tied down and getting spanked over one in the other room.

Stepping up behind it, she spread her legs so they were in line with the horse’s wooden ones, and then bent over at the waist so that she was resting on the padded top. Balancing on her forearms, she placed her wrists in the padded leather cuffs, and then looked over her shoulder at Bladen. He was standing where she’d left him, a sexy smile curving the corner of his mouth, and she wondered what he was thinking. After a moment, he walked across the room to where she lay draped over the horse.

The first thing Bladen did was secure the cuffs around each of her wrists, and she felt her stomach do a cartwheel as he tightened first one and then the other. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this, and in a room full of people, no less!

After her wrists were securely bound, she expected Bladen to do the same to her ankles, but he surprised her by sliding his hand into her long hair and tipping her head back. She blinked up at him, wondering if he was going to ask her again if she was sure about what they were about to do, but instead, he bent his head to cover her mouth with his in a long, intoxicating kiss. Lifting his head, he gazed into her eyes for a long moment before moving around behind her. As he did so, he ran his hand over her hip and down her booted leg, and she let out a delicious little shiver as she felt him fasten the cuffs around her ankles. Now, with wrists and ankles both cuffed to the wooden horse, she could do nothing but wait in breathless anticipation for Bladen to begin.

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Ray said...

Very erotic excerpt and Chapter One is even hotter. How hot does it get?


Paige Tyler said...

Ray - Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpts! And since you liked them, I think you'd enjoy the rest of the book as things between Cindra and Bladen get very hot indeed!



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