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Vivian Vincent : Spotlight Author

Author Bio:
Ms. Vincent was born and raised in the great state of Michigan, where she’s remained a resident for her entire life and has worked in a local assembly plant for the past 15 years. She also enjoys reading, movies and listening to 80s tunes on her mp3 player when she’s not working or writing her next story.

Her work in erotic fiction only began a few years ago, but she’s always been a writer through works of poetry, blogging, fiction and as far back as the high school newspaper. She gets her inspiration from the people in her life, songs she hears on the radio or just her wild imagination.

She holds a distinction in the world of erotic romance as being one of the few authors who remains happily single. Her style comes from the passion, hunger and variety of always being able to call the shots on her own.

Taylor Stone, the former lead singer of a popular 80's rock band still carries a flame for her first love, Tommy. When she's attacked one night after a solo performance at a local bar, a stranger comes to her aid.

Tommy can't believe after nearly 20 years, he still feels such intense love for Taylor. Unable to hold a steady relationship, he's resolved to spend his life alone, that is until Taylor comes back into his life.

Can they pick up where they left off or has too much time passed between them?

Flashback to 1989...

Taylor and the band arrived in New York City six days before their three concert dates at Madison Square Garden. Exhausted from a string of twelve cities in twelve days, they were all happy to have a few days to rest. Unknown to any of them, Lethal Weapon's first appearance at Madison Square Garden would be the last time the band appeared anywhere publicly again.

Leo, their manager, put them up in suites at The Plaza hotel. Taylor declined when the band asked if she wanted to do some sight-seeing. She opted instead for a long hot bubble bath and an early night.

After her bath she called her mother to let her know they'd made it to New York safely. When she finished the call, she crawled into the large bed and immediately drifted off to sleep.

When she woke the next morning, she felt rested and relaxed. Getting up to go to the window, she saw it was going to be a beautiful, sunny day. She dressed quickly and left a message for the other band members telling them she was going to go check out the city.

With Lethal Weapon still being relatively new to the concert circuit, not many people recognized her which suited Taylor just fine. She wanted to be a normal girl visiting New York City, taking in the sites. A few people had approached her asking for autographs and she was happy to oblige, but other than that, she went virtually unnoticed in the bustling city.

As she headed into Central Park, she spotted a hotdog vendor. Walking quickly, she reached in her pocket to count out money so she could grab herself a quick breakfast. She dropped a few of the bills on the ground in front of the vendor and bent to pick them up. At the same time, another hand came down to pick up the money also.

Snatching the bills up quickly, she brought herself upright and looked into the eyes of the man who she thought was trying to steal her money. She froze, unable to look away from the piercing blue eyes looking down into her brown ones.

"I--I--you--" she stammered. What the hell is happening to me? Taylor had never been tongue tied a day in her life.

"I'm Tommy," he said, reaching out his hand to her.

Her eyes still locked with his, she reached out to shake his hand. The simple touch of his hand caused her to blush profusely and a jolt of awareness to course through her veins.

"Taylor," she answered. Her heart was beating so loud, it felt as if it would pound right out of her chest. Tommy broke eye contact, ordered a dog for both of them, then handed her one.

"Nice to meet you," he said.

She was still staring up at him. What a hunk! He stood about six foot one with short, almost spiked, sandy blond hair and the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. She nodded at him, agreeing silently it was nice to meet him also.

"Let's sit over there." Tommy motioned to a bench behind her.

Taylor followed, unable to think or do much else. She sat on the bench looking down at the hotdog in her hand. She brought it to her lips and felt his gaze on her again. Taking a bite, she turned to look at him.

"What?" she asked.

"You're Taylor Stone." He flashed a wickedly sexy smile at her.

"Yeah. That's me." She broke eye contact with him and took a few more bites of her hotdog before she spoke again. "You know me, huh?"

"Oh yeah. I've been trying for months to get tickets to one of your shows at the Garden. They sold out pretty quick." Reaching up with his thumb, he wiped a blotch of mustard from the corner of her mouth. "Your first show's not 'til Thursday, you guys get here early to take in some sights?" He smiled devilishly at the rosy color in her cheeks when he put his finger in his mouth and licked the mustard off.

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