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Mila Ramos in the Spotlight


Studying Chemistry in Texas, and always on the go, whether writing or trying to finish her master’s degree July 2009, Mila credits her passion for writing to her family and third-grade teacher.

With an environment rich in paranormal and sci-fi, thanks to her brothers, she always had a quick response, a quicker story, and lightning speed imagination. It first started with the show The Misfits of Science, roared with her first ‘big book’ as a child A Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan and then skyrocketed into various genres of reading when she discovered her first romance Pride and Prejudice, shortly thereafter. With that much fuel no wonder she was writing stories by the fourth grade.

Staying true to her roots, Mila writes paranormal, fantasy and contemporary stories without fearing of delving into other genres of writing. Currently as a chemist, she mixes Organic Chemistry with a good story line and sometimes writes her thoughts on her own exams.

As eclectic as her books, music and taste, her life is the best book she has written thus far. She has traveled all over the US and outside as well, taught high school, met a couple Nobel Laureates, was a competitive swimmer, and is proud to say she bungee jumped once (with the intention to never do it again). Further chapters and sub-chapters are still being written. Though her fiance calls her a gypsy, she says it’s her childlike, curious Aries spirit that makes her multi-interested. That debate will never be settled.

Juggling school work and writing, her publishing debut came in December of 2006. As of December 2007, she has is adding her list and a billion ideas written to life with her home publishers and many more contracted. Described as having sassy characters and great plot lines, Mila loves getting deep into the worlds she creates. She wants her readers to love the worlds she creates as much as she loves to write about them and believes that anything can happen or exist.

For more information on Mila, her new releases and to chat, visit her blog at http://jademystique.blogspot.com or myspace http://www.myspace.com/jademystique


Smoldering Ember
Five years after their divorce, Cassandra and Ethan Vance still have an estranged relationship. In a single conversation with her ex-husband, Cassandra discovers why Ethan had to give up everything in his life, including their marriage. Coming to terms with secrets and truths, both Cassandra and Ethan learn that there are some fires that can never be extinguished.

Touch of Fire
Katherine (Kat) O'Brien has moved on after a terrible, life-threatening relationship. Relocated with a new life, she learns her ex-boyfriend, Jared, has escaped from jail. She's now the target of revenge, and the one man she has pushed out of her heart is the one she needs to help her survive. Will Kat touch the fire she once knew, even if it means revisiting a painful memory?


Touch of Fire

Several Years Later…


“Aw sh— That’s gonna leave a mark.”

Jumping on one foot, Kat saw the culprit. The deep mahogany oak table, known to take its aggressions out on her, had managed to sneak from its current location and move to a new one. This elusive plot was executed through a long, drawn-out process, and resulted in another stubbed toe. That wasn’t the surprising part. Not only did this table do the stealth operation with fast and efficient ease, but managed to get Murphy’s Law to call her at that exact moment, especially when the phone was located fifty feet away in the receptionist area and didn’t have an answering machine attached to it.

“Kat, are you going to get the phone?” her business and dancing partner, Adrian Jackson, yelled from the back of the studio.

She rolled her eyes and hobbled closer to the phone. “No, I’m going to wait for you to do it, Adrian!”

As she made her way to the receptionist area, the pain doubled. “Thank you for calling Dancing Spirits; how may I help you?” The voice of her long-time friend and confidant distracted her from the swelling toe. “Hi, Cassandra, what’s up?”

“Kat, sweetie, are you busy?”

“Yeah, Cass. Remember, I have that benefit performance?”

“That’s why I’m asking; Noah wanted to bring you food before the performance.”

“That’s so sweet. Tell that angel of course he can.” Her godson, Noah, was too precious for words. “I’ll be here for a few more hours before heading out.”

“Okay, we’ll be down soon.”

“Bye, Cass.”

Kat placed the phone on its receiver and hopped up on the counter to better examine the site of pain. Focused on her task, she didn’t notice Adrian entering.

“My goodness, woman, I’m amazed you have feet.” Adrian chuckled as he filed the papers in his hand. “We should get beepers on your toes—ear-piercing shrills any time you come close to a corner. Then again, knowing you, you’d actually hit those walls with the intent of destroying those shoes.”

Kat stuck out her tongue and continued checking her foot. “At least I don’t walk into walls.” Wiggling her toes, she flexed and pointed her foot in various degrees.

“Okay, I was drunk those times and you know that, Katherine!”

Well over six feet, with russet-colored hair and soft chocolate eyes, Adrian’s good looks, combined with a sarcastic and quirky sense of humor, made rough times bearable and years of friendship special. In this case, though, his complaining made her laugh.

“Tell me again how you met Evelyn.”

Adrian rolled his eyes. “Dammit, you always bring that up.”

Kat grinned from ear to ear, waiting for the story. “C’mon, Adrian, tell me.”

Adrian shook his head and moved to the back office. Kat followed with a slight limp that gradually improved with each step. “No, Kat. I’m not telling for the umpteenth time how I met Evie.”

“C’mon, Adrian, please!” she begged.

“You already know! She’s your twin sister for goodness sake!”

“Please!” she continued, hands clasped with a huge smile on her face.

“I don’t know what the hell fascinates you about that damn story so much,” Adrian muttered under his breath.

Kat leaned in closer, her fingers bringing her ear forward. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear. You were muttering.”

Adrian glared at her and let out a deep breath. “I said that I was trying to pull a prank on you and confused you and Evelyn. I walked up to Evie instead and asked what it felt like to have a god in her presence, and then she punched me and I hit the wall.”

Laughter broke out even before Adrian finished his sentence. Kat leaned forward, holding her sides. Adrian playfully swatted at her. “Shut up, Kat. When it’s your turn, I’ll make sure your humiliation is broadcast on national TV.”

“You say that with such tender conviction, Adrian.” Wiping the tears from her eyes as the door chimed indicating a visitor, Kat scanned the two gentlemen waiting in the receptionist area. Both men, dressed in dark business suits, casually perused the area and admiringly observed the photos on the walls.

“Hello, gentlemen, welcome to Dancing Spirit Studios. How many I help you?”

The man who had stared at the photos approached and flashed three letters of his identification, and with them years of peace vanished.

“I’m Agent Donald Wyatt of the F.B.I. We are looking for a Katherine O’Brien.”

Kat nervously tucked the strands of her curls behind her ears. “I’m Katherine O’Brien. May I ask what this is about?”

The second agent, who idly drummed his fingers on the countertop, stepped forward and lowered his sunglasses. “Agent Clive Bloch, Miss O’Brien. Are you the same Katherine O’Brien who testified against Jared Malloy, drug mule for the Roman family?”

Kat locked her jaw. Her stomach rolled and turned. The soft pastel colors welcoming visitors to the comforts and professionalism of Dancing Spirit disappeared. The two federal agents, who moments before stepped through unheard by her, stripped the joy she had made out of her life with three letters. Those important yet powerful letters sent her spiraling back to the bleak and cold day she decided to regain control of her life.

It marked the beginning of legal action, court appearances, and convictions spanning state lines that directly connected an influential drug family on the upper eastern coast. When Jared was placed on death row, she thought she could live again. She thought she had left that life of danger, that time, behind her. Adjustment didn’t come without its problems, manifested in the form of nightmares and various fears. She hadn’t been able to forget, but it was Jared’s promised retribution which she had somehow forgotten over time.

“Yes, I am the same Katherine O’Brien. May I ask what this is about?”

Agent Bloch stepped forward. “Ms. O’Brien, I regret to inform you that Jared Malloy has escaped prison.”

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