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Author Interview: LEX VALENTINE

Author Interview by A.J. Llewellyn

Hi Lex, I am so excited to be talking to you today. Thanks for coming…hey, step closer, I won’t bite (unless you ask me to)…now I have to start this on a personal note. I was on an author chat with you one day and you kindly offered participating authors a free book trailer and I snapped it up – all for the exchange of my e book Phantom Lover. Somehow, I think I came out way ahead. The trailer is freaking gorgeous and I thank you for it. How did you come up with the idea of doing trailers for people and has it worked out well for you?

Thanks for having me here today, AJ! And nibbles and licks are always nice. *wink* I loved Phantom Lover so being able to do the trailer was an honor for me. I had a great time putting it together and finding the music. My friend David Simmer II of Blogography.com had some great Hawaii photos he took with his brand new camera and I couldn’t resist begging him to use a few. Dave’s a graphic artist and it comes out in everything he does from photos to toons. It was all a perfect karmic fit I think… you, me, and Dave!

I got into trailers by accident sorta. We occasionally have to make memorial videos at my work and the woman who does them showed me how. I took that knowledge and starting making trailers for myself for my WIPs to help prompt me along when I first decided I wanted to get published. It all just snowballed from there.

I have to say that doing trailers for other authors has mostly been a great experience. Not everyone has left me basking in the afterglow as you have, AJ. Right now, I’m only doing a few more and after that it will probably only be the clients whose series I adore like Renee Wildes’ Guardians of the Light and Bonnie Rose Leigh’s Serenity.

You and I both love vampires and your blog “Sunlight Sucks” always leaves me thinking. Who are your favorite cinematic vampires? When did you first become aware of them and did they influence your book Tales of the Darkworld series at all?

You know, movie vamps haven’t influenced the Tales vamps at all. The Darkworld’s Acerbian vampires are more a creation of things I’d already had in my head, bits from the serial story where I write (The Bar) and from books. I’m not much of a movie or TV person. However, I’ve read a lot of vampire books that had my wheels spinning from the moment my sister handed me Interview with the Vampire on my 17th birthday. I will say that my favorite vampire movie of all time is the Fearless Vampire Killers by Roman Polanski and starring Sharon Tate.

I love that movie! Speaking of your series, there are two books so far: Shifting Winds and Hot Water. Will there be more books in the series?

Book 3 Fire Season is in edits currently for a July release. FS is full length, M/M, dragon shifters. No vamp love here but lots of hot man love instead! And there’s a cliffhanger epilogue! Actually, the Tales series is plotted to a total of ten books at which point I will probably wrap that series.

Your very first book Sunday’s Child: Wise Guy throws us headlong into the world of witches and mages. Will we be seeing more of the delicious Rand?

Rand as a child, probably. The Tales of the Magia have been bouncing around in my head for awhile and if/when I get around to it, I’ll probably start with the story of Rand’s godparents Zoe and August. I rather like the idea of showing Aug trying to turn himself into a cat for the very first time and not quite making it. LOL

You have a ton of stuff coming out…I’ve been checking on you Lex. Don’t look at me like that! I hardly stalk anybody anymore! What can you tell me about the following:

From Cobblestone Press - The Pixie Prince: This is the first of my Twisted Tales. It’s a twisted version of the Princess and the Pea. Max is a pixie and a supermodel who models underwear. His mate Bliss (Bellisandra) is a vampire and runs the club Carpe Noctem. My editor thinks the story is “utterly charming” and I have to say that like The Wise Guy, it’s a feel good story, very fun and filled with heat. We’re about to start our second edit pass and I’m working with an artist on the cover.

From Freya’s Bower - Mating, Runaways

These two are companion stories, shorts that run just under 8K. Mating was written for a contest for the cover by M.E. Ellis. It’s the tale of a werewolf, the Alpha, whose brother mates suddenly sending him into a slight tailspin. Wanting to ensure his brother is okay, he hires an agency called Watchers to follow his twin. The owner of Watchers (a white werewolf) turns out to be his mate. Mating is with the proofers and hopefully, will have a release date soon.

In Runaways, the Beta twin meets his mate (a vampire) on a train and they recklessly mate then have to deal with the consequences. Each story is a stand alone, but I think they work best together to give you a real sense of who these twin werewolves are. Runaways is with the editor who did Mating. M.E. Ellis did the cover so they would look related.

From Wild Child Publishing - Ain’t Nuthin But a Hellhound (in the Weirdly 3 anthology)

Hellhound is just finishing edits. It’s a dark tale about sex and power in the demon realm. Lilah, who is half demon, hunts hellhounds and saves the human souls they seek to take. Her father the Demon Lord and her ex-lover Xavion the Lord of the Hellhounds, both want her in their world. She resists, but then learns a lesson about power from a soul she saved. There is no sex in this story although the characters talk about it and it is integral to the plot.

From Midnight Showcase - Silver Lining

Silver Lining is in edits and should be out in July in the Thrilled digest. It’s rather a personal story that came from a little “what if” daydream I had about my ex. The heroine finds a man online who intrigues her and when she goes to meet him finds the greatest love of her life, a man from her past.

From Pink Petal Books - Fire Season

Fire Season is Book 3 in the Tales series, currently in edits. It’s a full length novel about a straight male dragon whose mate is a man. Holden Antaeus is a black dragon, a lawyer for his family’s company. Garret Renquist is a green dragon, a genius, stock market whiz. Their story is fun, hot, and will make you reach for the hankies.

So now I must start asking you a few really tough questions. Ready, chika? How old were you when you learned to tie your shoelaces?

Uhhhh… I don’t know. Probably rather young like 3 or something. My mother said I did everything early starting with arriving on Halloween instead of Christmas.

What was the worst date you ever went on?

What’s a date? I’d see a guy I liked, smile, and if he smiled back, I’d ask him if he wanted a blow job. Well, maybe I’m not quite that bold, but I was never the dating type. I did a lot of friends with benefits before it had that name.

Which living person do you most admire?

I admire the hell out of Marcus Schenkenberg. I can just stand there and admire those muscles all day long…

Which living person do you most despise?

Anyone and everyone who lies to me. Seriously, I’m not into the whole admire/despise famous people. I don’t know them. The people I dislike are the ones who have personally done something dishonest or mean to me. The people I admire are the ones who go out of their way to do something nice for me, despite their own hardships.

Tell me about your writing routine. Do you write every day? Do you listen to music? Any must-haves to get the muse to obey?

I’m actually pretty easy. I pop off paragraphs anywhere I have a computer to type on. I write with and without music. Mostly, I don’t write after work because I’m tired, but that’s not hard and fast. I’ll get an idea and the next thing I know I have 3K. I think I do my best work in Word Wars with Dee Carney and L. Shannon cracking the whip over me. Although, Moira Reed can sure crack a mean whip too! All the Word Wars ladies are such consummate professionals that I’m honored to be part of their group. With them behind me, it’s not unheard of for me to do 8K in a Saturday and repeat it the next day.

Have you ever snooped in somebody else’s medicine cabinet?

Maybe when I was drunk and looking for Pepto Bismal…

Hmmmm…okay, I sorta believe ya, Lex!

On behalf of the Dark Divas, I’d like to thank Lex Valentine for stopping by today. To learn more about this love, lovely and so talented author, please check out her links:

Official Author Website – http://www.lexvalentine.com/

Personal Blog Sunlight Sucks – http://www.sunlightsucks.com/

Tales of the Darkworld – http://www.talesofthedarkworld.com/

Follow me – http://www.twitter.com/lexvalentine

My Space – http://www.myspace.com/cemeterywinter

Trailers - http://www.youtube.com/user/lexvalentineauthor


Unknown said...

Hello Lex and AJ !

Great interview, AJ - and you managed to winkle out of her that she admires MS. *g*

Seriously, I've often wondered if it is easier for the interviewer and interviewee when both are writers (easier in knowing the questions to ask that will provide an opportunity for the other and therefore easier in that there is less chance of closed questions .. )?
As I only read m/m these days, I'm holding out for Fire Season, Lex. My lifelong adoration of dragons just means it seems wrapped up with a bow!

Cheers and thank you, it is always interesting to see what is asked (and revealed) in interview situations!

p.s. AJ, I recently read Black Point and had to grin at the online references, there can be few groups where flirting (at least) is not common. I've attended a couple of conventions and was a little stunned to see some of them in BP - many years and miles away, but it seemed like them! Everything is grist for the mill. *g*

Jambrea said...

Great interview you two!!! :) Lex...your trailers really are wonderful and I LOVED the one you did for AJ! You are VERY multitalented!

And AJ...as always...love your interviews!

J Hali Steele said...

Awesome interview! It's always fun to see how much will be revealed... LOL Fire Season sounds like a must have.

judiebabie said...

Hi Lex and AJ,

Loved the interview and I can't wait to read the Mating books!

Kayelle Allen said...

The Pixie Prince sounds delightful and charming as well as hot. I'm a (pardon the pun) sucker for vampires and read of all them I can.

The Fearless Vampire Killers is one of my favorite movies as well. My family still uses some of the gag lines as funny ways to say things. Like when one of us does something really stupid, the other will croakily gasp, "Imbecile!" like the professor to his assistant. It's sure to get us laughing and break the tension. And the scene where the gay vampire is sitting next to the straight assistant on the bed, and the young man suddenly realizes there is no one in the mirror across the room except him. He runs for it and finally manages to reach safety with the professor, who bars the door from the now-rabidly-hungry vampire. The prof turns to his asst and says, "What did you do to get him so excited?" Watching the asst backtrack and mumble thru denials always cracks me up.

I can see you'll be keeping me in reading material for awhile. Woo hoo! I love it when I discover a new author with my tastes. Thanks for posting this blog on Romance Lives Forever.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Great interview, Lex! You made me a wonderful trailer for There's Only Been You, thanks again! Wish you could join me & DeAnne in Green Bay this year...maybe another time. ;-)

Laura G. said...

Great interview! Enjoyed getting to know Lex. And I loved the nice list of upcoming stories and their status. Lex is quite the talented and prolific writer!
LJ Garland

Maurya said...

Where's my book, Lex????

Oh, great interview BTW...now where's my book? *wink*

Ummmm, licking and nibbling, can't wait for the Pixie Prince either. And more about Rand's world? Very nice.

But most important...Fire Season! I'm waiting*taps foot impatiently*

Unknown said...

What a fun interview. I had the honor of having Lex make me a trailer for Iron Horse Rider 2. It is fabulous. (Thanks again, Lex)

Good job AJ. Thanks for sharing Lex!!

Robin S. said...

Great interview. Love all the information about upcoming books.

Ana Lee Kennedy said...

LOLOL! Sunlight Sucks is a hilarious name. Love it!

Lauralyn said...

This is a great interview Lex, and fabulous questions AJ, I can't wait for Fire Season!

P. Robinson said...

Great interview Lex and AJ. You two create great banter! And where's the link for that book trailer AJ?


Lex Valentine said...

H - Fire Season will be out the first Thursday in July. There's a scene where Holden and Garret are in dragon form talking about sex and having a mock dragon fight!

Jambrea - Thanks! AJ's was easy thanks to Dave2 and a great book. :)

J Hali - I think FS is a must have! And so does my editor! Ethan Day loved it, and Jason Edding did too. It is the 3rd book in the series so there are two novellas you can read while waiting for FS to come out. *wink wink*

Judiebabie - Mating should have a release date soon. I think the proofers are done with it. Runaways is with my editor Zetta so it won't be far behind. :)

Kayelle - I don't have a date for The Pixie Prince's release yet but I do have vamps out in the first two books of the Tales series at Pink Petal Books. The campiness of The Fearless Vampire Killers gets me every time. I start giggling and can't stop!

Donna - Some day we'll get a chance to meet! I loved your book and making your video was so easy because I bought into your characters right away. :)

Laura - Thank you so much! Whenever someone says I'm talented I keep looking over my shoulder thinking they must be talking about someone else!

Maurya - Soon. LOL It's still in edits.

Adelle - Your book was another that was easy to work with. Authors who create memorable characters make it easy for someone to create a video for them.

Robin - I keep up to date info on my website all the time. You can stop by there any time to see their progress. :)

Faith - A blogger named the Absurdist helped me come up with the name and another blogger, my pal Jester, came up with the tagline. It just seemed perfect for someone who write vampires. Plus... the sun IS bad for you!

ZAM - I know you've seen the unedited excerpts. I'm hoping the finished product is even better!

Kissa - You can find all my trailers, including Adelle's, Donna's, mine, and AJ's at


Julie Robinson said...

Hi Lex and AJ :-)
Lex, your 'popping off a paragraph' is inspirational for me.

Julie Robinson said...

p.s. Lex, hope things are looking up for you now!