Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Author Interview: JAXX STEELE

Author Interview by A.J. Llewellyn
1. Hi Jaxx and welcome to the Dark Divas! My first question to you is did you know there is a Jax Steele who is a Playgirl centerfold? Does anyone ever confuse the two of you?

Really? Wow! Believe it or not I had no clue. None of my readers have mentioned it to me either. Hmm, I’ll have to track him down!

2. Congratulations on your recent sales. I know you have some books coming out with Dreamspinner Press, Phaze and Freya’s Bower. You already have some books out, including I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus (love that title, Jaxx), After the Storm and so many others! However, and The Devil Made Me Do it seems to be quite controversial with its extreme sex practices. What propelled you to delve into the BDSM world in this way and how did you research this book?

When I started to do The Devil Made Me Do it I wondered what one would do if the devil was pulling your strings. How far would you go to save someone you loved? Could the devil tell you to do something and you say no? So in this book I figured if the devil was pulling your strings he would not ask you to bake cookies, would he? I thought a BDSM style fit the tone of the devil and taboo. I suppose it is not for the faint of heart. As far as research goes, I know a woman and a man that delve into that life style and drove them crazy with questions and ‘what would you do’ scenarios.

3. Your genre seems to contemporary M/M fic with a bit of vampire love thrown in. What can we expect in the future?

The first book to my Dreams Delivered series was just released and I am doing two fantasy magic stories, A Double Sacrifice and Cam’s Best Friend. I also have a cowboy story called New to the Posse I want o come out this year.

4. Where do you live? I know you live with your man Hou and your cat…which city?

Yes, we live in a suburb just outside of Indianapolis, In that Judo lets us live in with him. LOL.

5. Do you have any favorite haunts there? Anything that inspires you as a writer?
I have been going to 2 different spots lately to people watch. One is a straight bar called Club 500 because I am doing research for a biker story and the biker boys there are cute and the other is a gay bar called The Ten.

6. What is your writing routine like? Do you write every day? Do you work around a day job?

I try to write every day, but I do have a day job and Hou to think of so I work on balancing all three into my daily routine.

7. Do you work on WIP at a time or do you have several going?
I work on the one that calls me the loudest. Sometimes one story will call to me and I cannot do another until it is done, but then, not very often, 2 or 3 will speak at the same time and I’ll find myself bouncing from story to story.

8. What are the two things I will always find on your desk?
My drinking mug (sometimes with green tea most times with Long Island Ice Tea) and a bag of sunflower seeds.

9. Do you read much and what is your favorite genre? Fave authors?

I really like historical romance. I read them when my brain needs a break. I don’t really have a favorite author for the genre.

10. Okay, then since you’re holding your cards close to the vest on that question, what is your favorite era of history? Will we see you penning a gay romance set in that period?
I like the regency period with all the my lord this and my lord that. And, no, you will not see a gay historical from me. I like to read them gay and straight, but I will not write one.

11. Tough question time: What was your favorite toy growing up?

I had a race track that I loved. I spent a lot of time making wild and crazy twists and turns with tracks all over the house.

12. Now for a couple of off the wall questions. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
I am very critical of myself. I like me a lot, but sometimes I ask way too much of myself. I have been told I need to lighten up.

13.What is the trait you most deplore in others?
It bugs me when you say you’re going to do something and then you don’t. Just be true to your word.

14.If you could choose to come back in your next life as ANY literary character, who would it be and why?

Harry Potter! I have read all the books and he had so much going on in his young life. With all the crazy things he has happen to him he learns so much, gains so much and loses much, but turns out to be a really incredible man when it’s all over.

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AJ, you ask some interesting questions and Jaxx sounds like a fun person. Great interview.