Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nyki Blatchley @ DDR Tomorrow

Stop by the Dark Diva's yahoo group tomorrow, between 12pm and 1pm est, and chat with Nyki Blatchley about his up coming book Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun.

Welcome to the dungeon, sorceress--where every man, woman and demon is against you.

Freelance sorceress Kaydana seeks her fortune in the city only to find it overrun with like-minded magical entrepreneurs. To make ends meet, she takes a commission from the seductive golden-skinned Tati.

Kaydana reluctantly agrees to rescue Tati's lover from a sadistic king and his demonic devourer, knowing she's no match against the castle's mystical protections. Amid plotting, intrigue and sexual trickery, the powers hidden within the mysterious Staff of Ishlun begin to emerge and awaken Kaydana's darker sensual desires.

Kaydana and The Sword of Ishlun is the first tale in a sizzling sword and sorcery series.

Warning, contains strong sexual content, f/f, f/f/m.