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Author Interview: KISSA STARLING

Author Interview by A.J. Llewellyn

1. Hi Kissa and welcome to the Divas’ Down n dirty den! Well not so dirty, there’s a clean spot right there. Okay, get comfy girlfriend ‘cos I have some questions for you. How in the world did you got come up with such a hawt pen name as Kissa Starling? It’s both sexy and ethereal.

I've always been Kissa online. I used it as an AOL name, along with Dali, way back when I first used the internet. Starling was a name I came up with for a long-haired calico I once had. The combination seemed great at the time. And I thought someone named Kissa should so write about kissing!
2. I do too! I think your story Search for the Brown Boobies is one of my favorite titles. I know it’s a lesbian piece (which is by the by) but please tell me how this title came about.
I get so sucked in by submissions calls and when I read the one for Island Girls I wondered what I could come up with that was 'different'. I did a bit of research, 'cause that is what I love to do, and found a tropical bird called a Brown Booby. That inspired me to write a story about a photographer trying to get to an island to photograph these birds.

3. You talk often in blogs and chats about being a southern girl living in Georgia. Is this the real you or Kissa you who is a southern belle?
Oh, we both carry ourselves as true southern belles. The whole ladylike during the day and improper at night- it's ingrained in us from birth. Excerpt I have to say my mother is a ....dare I say it? YANKEE! hahaha I was raised here in Georgia but she threw a few northern traditions into my mix.
4. A-ha! So you’re both naughty girls! I love it. You have some interesting…habits. You write at night. You meditate AND box…what else do you do that we don’t and SHOULD know about you?
I love bendy straws and Cherry Lime-Aids. I have a soft spot for animals and children and anyone else in need.

5. What’s a Cherry Lime-Aid?

Only the best drink ever! It is a mixture of lime juice, cherry juice, and seltzer. They put real limes and cherries in there too. I usually get mine at Sonic, a drive-in type place.
6. Now I want to try one! You’ve written straight and lesbian fiction…any M/M coming soon? Or ménages, since that’s the new hot trend? What do you think of the constant shifts in tide when it comes to trends in erotic romance fiction?

I don't see myself writing m/m, I have no experience or background to bring to the story. Funny thing- I told someone a few months ago that I'd never written a menage scene. In the middle of edits for Robert's Story I realized it HAD a menage scene. WOW. I surprise myself sometimes. There is definitely a trend to jump on the bandwagon and write what's selling. I write what my muse allows me to write- no more, no less.
7. May I ask what your muse looks like? I sometimes ask this since Stephen King once said his muse is a fat, hairy guy with a cigar!
Hahaha, I can see that. Hmm, mine is a slave-driver for sure. It’s a woman, I do know that, and she gets into my head when I least expect it. Picture a sweet librarian with a bun and glasses. (who keeps a whip and flogger under the desk to use when she deems necessary. If I ever go away from my characters true being she slaps me and makes me stay up all night to fix it. She really is relentless.

8. I was shocked to see a nice girl like my Kissa writes Kustom Erotica. How is this working out for you and in what genre do your readers usually request their stories?

A lot of readers like short stories where I use the names of people they know. Fetishes are often inserted as well. I have one girl wanting to buy a novella for her friend who is graduating from college. This is a popular thing with bridesmaids too. I love doing this every once in a while. It's fun to read what people want to include in their stories...

9. What kind of…fetishes?

Toe-sucking, high heels during sex, and a lot of them want a ménage scene in their story. Group sex seems to be popular as well as whipped cream!

10. You know what's weird? I just got through reading a newspaper article that said we all harbor millions of harmful bacteria on our feet. Yum! LOL...let me ask you, is there a genre you would never write in?
I've learned to never say never so NO.
11. So tell me about Robert’s Story…what kind of research did you do to pen this little BDSM tale?

I didn't have a lot of research for this one but I did go over the safety aspects of needle-play in the bedroom. Oh, I did a little research on tattoos and heart-o-grams as well.
12. I am intrigued by your upcoming book Celtic Destiny…a paranormal historical tale…sounds so awesome..what kind of research did this involve? And have YOU ever had an encounter with a ghost?
I so wish I could meet a ghost! I love all things unusual, spooky, or scary. The only research I did for this one was the setting. It takes place in Scotland so I did a little research on the topography and castle ruins. I also looked up king and queen names from the era the ghosts came from. This is my first sweet romance novella so I'm really excited about its release from Lyrical Press, Inc..
13. I read on your blog you got a free sippy cup for your grandson…GRANDSON? You have a grandson? How many children do you have and do they know about your naughty books?
I have one son who now has one son. Everyone in my immediate family knows about my writing. I'd tell the whole world if I didn't live in a small, bible-belt town in rural Georgia!
14. I bet they are all secretly the ones emailing you for Kustom Erotica! Okay, let me ask you this. What is your writing routine like? Do you plan your stories – or as in the case of Robert’s Story are you more of a panster?
I am so a pantser. I get an idea for something and wing it. Now that isn’t to say I go ahead haphazardly. I research a lot; love that part of writing.

15. What are the three things I would ALWAYS find on your desk?
Music, a glass of water, and book covers to inspire me and remind me of all I’ve accomplished.

16. Do you play music when you are working and if so, who inspires Kissa Starling?
I love all types of music. I’m the only one in my family who likes country music. I listen to a lot of new pop music but love the oldies and if I had to chose- southern rock is my fave!
17. Do you read much and who are your favorite authors?
I used to read a lot but that almost came to a complete stop when I first began writing. That is what first led me to reviewing. Now I’ve come to a better balance. I read about 2-3 books a month. I read tons of shorter books and critique for several people.
18. If your house was on fire and you could grab three things, what would they be?
My pets, my purse, and a doll that belonged to my grandmother.

On behalf of Dark Diva Reviews, I’d like to thank the gorgeous and talented Kissa Starling for stopping by today.
Why thank you, A.J.
And might I say that you are even more gorgeous in person!
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Unknown said...

Contry Music! Who knew. I learned something I didn't know about you, Kissa. I'm a country fan, too. So few and far between, we are.

Great interview, both. Thanks, AJ, and thanks Kissa, for stopping by our little den.


Anonymous said...

Great interview. Kustom Erotica? I've never heard of this. How cool. I'd love to learn more about it. Is this something that's yours, do you write for some publisher or is this just a trend that some authors do?

P. Robinson said...

Yes, Jaime, country! I love going to Nashville and dancing at the saloon. Used to love the theme park there before they closed it down...

Jasmine- I'm not sure how many authors write custom stories. I don't know of any other than me at this point. A few places used to but shut down. I don't do this for a publisher- private transactions that I hold copyrights to.