Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Author Interview: D.J. MANLY

Author Interview by A.J. Llewellyn

1. DJ, welcome back to the Divas’ Den. A lot has changed since we last talked…in fact since we last did this we have become co authors with the Black Point series. Since this was your idea, what prompted you to ask me to work with you? (And thank you for that by the way)…

I figured it was a great way to get…no…that wasn’t the reason, lol. Actually, I had my eye on you, so to speak, in a clearly bookish kind of way.
AJ says: What do you mean “clearly bookish”? And er…you read some of my stuff? DJ…you are full of surprises….but please, do go on.
You were turning out books in the same genre as me and I figured, hey, this guy is serious. I read enough of your stuff to know you could write, so I figured, why not? I play haunches sometimes and follow my instincts. They’re usually pretty good. And ah…you’re welcome.

2. We have a new BP book coming out March 1 and another in the series May 1. We have decided we may do another in the future and are now focused on a paranormal series together but what else is on the horizon for you?
Oh God, I don’t know. I mean I just turned in a book called Diamond In the Shade to Liquid Silver, and I’m working on a sequel because it’s got to be a series, how long a one, I don’t know.

3. Marry Me or Die…what a title…I think it’s no secret we are you know…a deux…but you made it clear to me marriage is not something you want…so where on earth does this title come from?
I don’t believe that one has to have some official paper to make something real. I’m a bit of rebel (no comments like…A BIT????)

Comment? BWAHAHA….sorry hon…I wasn’t laughing at that statement…ha ha ha…a bit. Hey even my dog is laughing…

I’m not a conventional kind of guy. But I figure, if you want it, you should do it. My character feels the same way actually, but you have to read the book the find out what happens!
4. You live in Canada…where gay marriage is legal. Have you been to any of these weddings? Also is it a controversy there at all? People pretty well let people do what they want here.
Ministers are free to refuse to perform gay marriages. Of course, the Catholic church won’t do that, mostly Anglican and United. And Yes, I’ve been to one, two women friends, very nice.

5. How did you first discover the “other” man in your life, John Barrowman? And wouldn’t he make for a hot threesome?
LOL. I first say John Barrowman on Torchwood and God, he was hot. He is hot and Scottish and well…need I say more. He’s just sweet, out gay man with a gorgeous lover, and he’s multi-talented. And no, I haven’t had the pleasure!!
6. Okay now for the really tough question cookie…what was your relationship with fantasy as a child?
I was always play acting as a child, making up stories and acting them out. I used to tape stories ad lib and play all the parts. I started writing short novels at ten years old.
7. My God…how adorable you must have been! What kind of an actor were you?
I was always the macho guy going out to work…lol…loved playing cop.
8. What kind of novels did you write?
Romance things mainly to appease my older women relatives.
9. That’s how you mastered that whole romance thing! Okay, who is hotter? Me or Barrowman?
Lol…loaded question…one I plan on giving the right answer to…why, you of course!! No contest.
10. Sweetie! I happen to know you love to read…plus you have a full time job and a prolific writing output so when do you get time to read?
In bed before I fall asleep sometimes…but only when I’m alone and allowed to!! I don’t read as often as I would like, but I did finish the biography you gave me on John Barrowman.
11. Don’t you enjoy him even more since reading it?? I thought he was adorable and funny and I bet he’s HYSTERICAL in person! Which brings me to an important question. The day he landed the lif changing role of Captain Jack Harkness, he was walking down the street eating a packet of Percy Pigs when he got the news. What do you suppose they are? Do you think this sounds fantastically filthy or do I just have a wild imagination?
I have no idea…but something chewy I imagine.
12. A very personal question. What’s your go-to comfort food?
13. What is the hottest date you ever had? Warning, if it wasn’t one you had with me, you know there is trouble in your immediate future…
Definitely the one where we spent the entire night down at the beach. I do want to live.
14. You are smart DJ…and so talented, too! You have been writing M/M for about four years now…how do you feel about this suddenly being the “hot” genre and so many authors dipping their toes in the pool?
Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m happy it’s popular, but even if it was just cultish, I’d write it anyway. At least with it being popular, I make a few more dollars. I can’t say I’m happy about the authors who have traditionally written Het deciding to suddenly jump the fence to m/m because they think it’s the way to sell books. (and I know why you asked me this question, we’ve spent some time talking about it.)
I am passionate about my work. I respect what I write, but I find some authors writing in this genre for the sake of selling books, don’t respect it. The writing rings false to me, unrealistic. And you can tell when a writer doesn’t like what they’re writing. See, you got me going now, lol, so I’ll stop talking about it.
15. Who are your favorite gay erotic fiction authors?
There are so many good ones, but I have to confess I don’t read a lot of books in this genre. I don’t like to be influenced by what others write in the m/m genre, and I don’t have time to read. I much prefer to read books in other genres when I have the time like vampire fiction, biographies, and academic books on teaching. I do read you though because we write together, so you top the list.
16. One final question, what are your favorite gay TV shows and movies – I know you love Dante’s Cove…

Queer as Folk is the one I can think of off the top of my head. Torchwood, of course, although it’s not strictly gay. I love the movie Maurice. There are others I know which I just can’t think of now.
On behalf of Dark Diva Reviews, I would like to thank D.J. Manly for stopping by and discussing cops and snacks…and the world of man love romance. To find out more about this talented author, please check out his links:



Jambrea said...

I LOVE this interview! :) And DJ...you got ME started on Dante's Cove. I just finished the first season and darn it they left it at a cliff hanger! I have to wait until the next Netfix gets here! *pout* I put Torchwood on my list too!

I can't wait for the next story from you two! I love what you do together and how sweet...a night at the beach. *sigh* :)

Wendi said...

Great interview, guys! And AJ, you already know I loved Black Point. The two of you write seamlessly together. :)

Wendi Darlin

AJ Llewellyn said...

Hey Jambrea, thanks!! You will love Torchwood and yes, DJ got me hooked on Dante's Cove too!!
Wendi, you are a darlin' (sorry, couldn't resist...we love you too!


Regina Carlysle said...

I've really wanted to ask you guys about het writers who jump the fence to write m/m in order to sell more books. I know a lot of authors who are doing that now. I know the genre is hot but, personally, I wouldn't attempt it. As a woman who has been married for 26 yrs, I just don't know how I could pull off something I know nothing about. Make sense? I'll just keep enjoying YOUR work and stick to what I know best, I think.

Wonderful interview. You guys rock!

Unknown said...

I've got Dante's Cove on my ziplist now... (That would be the Canadian version of netflix) AJ, I asked you on a loop somewhere What book of your's you'd recomend me to start with, since I've never read any of your stuff, and now I have to ask the same thing about D.J.'s writing too. Where to start?

Great interview. You two are pretty darn adorable.

Sherry said...

AJ, I swear I left a comment a while ago but it was at the end of another post. I loved the interview. I love your chemistry. You two play off each other great. Now I have to read your book. There is nothing better than 2 great writers who can play off each other strengths and end up with a fabulous book. I do have to say though, AJ. You usually do have great interviews. Your authors usually sound very relaxed. Great job.