Friday, January 23, 2009

Author Spotlight: Lisa Darling

Today's author in the spotlight is Lisa Darling and her release, Dream Weaver.

Welcome Lisa! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am the author of several novels and short stories most notable is my Musings by Moon Light series of Adult Fandom Based (don't you dare call it 'fanfiction'!) Daniel Jackson Stargate SG-1 novels and short stories which has enjoyed a long and prosperous life on the Internet since 2003. This series has caused quite the stir on the Internet since it first appeared 5 years ago and is the proud winner of more than 20 web awards including 9 prestigious Isis Awards. There's a whole big spiel on why I wrote this series but I won't bore any of you with it. I am very proud of the work I accomplished with it and I will leave it at that.

In total I've written 11 novels and more than 30 short stories. Recently I returned to my roots of writing all-original novel length fiction with my newest novel Dream Weaver. I hope you will give this romantic suspenseful thriller the chance to win your heart. If you follow that link you can find out more about the story. If you'd like to get to know my writing a little better there are several short stories, essays, poems & musings available to read free here on this site. The essay "Rain Dance", a short little diddy about the joys of learning to dance in the rain, was published by the Chopper Journal in 2008.

Where can people visit you and buy your book?

Site Address: http://www.moonsmusings.comBuy Address: http://www.moonsmusings.com/bookstore


Out of work actor, Michael Garrett and long-time housewife Elizabeth Love are an unlikely couple when they team up to produce "The Shaw Street Strangler", a Hollywood movie based upon Elizabeth's (quite unexpectedly) best selling novel. Married but not to each other, forbidden romance slowly blossoms under the hot California sun. All is not what it seems. As Elizabeth fights her feelings for the new leading man in her movie--and possibly her life-- a shadowy figure known to her from the Internet as The Masked Panty Raider sets out to demolish their relationship and claim Elizabeth as his own. Adopting the persona of 'Eddie', the serial killer from Elizabeth's critically acclaimed book he stalks her over the Internet into the Real World. Quietly he follows our heroine across the US to British Columbia then finally to Hollywood and the set of "The Shaw Street Strangler" where no one is safe. Come along for a ride of chilling mystery, intrigue, romance and gritty suspense with "Dream Weaver"


The bed was across the way between the bathroom and kitchen it hadn't been slept in last night. The couch he was sitting on, however, had been. There was a small pile of neatly folded blankets on one end and two bed pillows. Liz was sleeping here and not in the bed. She'd moved right in to her new room, there were several scented candles, an incense burner with a pack of fresh incense next to it. On the TV was a picture of who he assumed were her Girls as that was certainly Lizzie between them, all of them smiling and happy. "Of course you looking like that doesn't hurt matters any, does it?"

Lizzie looked down at herself. She was clad in a long t-shirt and an old robe. Big deal. "Like what?" She asked and looked up at him again. "It's not like I'm parading around in some sexy little nightie."

"You don't need a La Pearla nightie to make a guy's dick hard." He commented and then was instantly apologetic. "That was crude. I'm sorry, Liz but you are looking good." Especially now that the bruises on her upper thighs had faded.

Once more, she looked down at herself in her t-shirt and robe. "You're kidding, right?"

"No." Michael said and shook his head while he pulled a Bic from his pocket and lit the joint. "Where's the computer?"

If there were new emails from MPR, which she was sure there were, then she would broach the idea that MPR had something to do with Pauline. Lizzie got up, fetched the laptop, and brought it to him. "Put your password in," Michael said as he began turning the machine toward her.

"Hum? Oh, libra1966." She said to him and took a double hit off the joint while he typed in the password. Going for a third hit the look on his face stopped her. "What is it?"

Michael took the joint from her as he stared at the screen, which told him Lizzie had 105 new emails and more than half were from the Masked Panty Raider. Most of them had been sent within the last 12 hours. "You got a problem, Liz. You gotta tell somebody about this."

Well that cinched things, didn't it? "Do you think it's possible that MPR had something to do with what happened to Pauline?"

Michael didn't think about it. "Yeah, I think it is." Like Lizzie up until a short time ago the idea had never entered his head but now it seemed to make just as much sense as the knowledge that the Earth was round. "What made you think of that?"

"Something a friend said to me online." Liz told him but refrained from saying that the same friend thought it was possible Michael was MPR. The idea was so insane, it just couldn't be. She refused to dignify it with further thought or mention to Michael.

"Do you want to open any of these?" He hoped she didn't because the subject lines weren't pleasing.

Lizzie slipped an arm around his waist to steady her stoned self as she leaned forward to look at the screen to see titles like; Yo! Bitch! Staring back at her. "I think we should call the police."

"Me too." Absently he fished the cell phone from his pocket with one hand and opened a separate window with the other to go to over to 411.com and look up the numbers for the Los Angles and New York City Police Departments.

That cinched it for her, if Michael were the Masked Panty Raider why would he be so quick to want to inform the police? He'd be trying to talk her out of it and telling her she was reaching. "Why are you looking up the number for the LA police?"

"Because he knows you're here." Michael said quietly and then turned to her. It was time to give her the disturbing news and hope she took it well. "I heard back from the guy I called yesterday about the cabin."


"They found tracks around the cabin, Liz. Someone was there. Do you want to see the pictures?" He took out his phone and showed them to her. "If he was there then he's probably here. There are very strict stalking laws in California when they catch him he's going away for a long time." The arm around his waist tightened. "Don't be scared." Michael said and patted her hand. "Everything's going to be all right."

"Poor Pauline. If he did that to her because of me! Oh," Lizzie groaned. "Pauline."

"It's not your fault. This guy's crazy." Michael started to tap the number for the NYPD when there was a loud knock on Lizzie's door.

"Oh, Lucy! I'm home!"

"No, it can't be." She gasped and the hand at his waist tightened so much it made Michael flinch.

"Come on, Liz, open up!"

"Liz, who is it?" Michael asked as that arm released and she began to stand up with a blank stare in her eyes.

She turned back to look at him and for a moment thought of asking him to hide in the bathroom but that wouldn't work and if he were found there then things would only go from bad to worse. In any event, this wasn't going to be good. "I'm sorry," she whispered her voice full of sorrow and dread as she walked away from Michael. To be found here with Michael and her in nothing but a robe and t-shirt? Lizzie opened the door and The Boys rushed inside.

"SURPRISE!" The four of them shouted at her as Scott swooped her up off her feet to plant a bit wet kiss on her lips.

"Hey, babe!" He said in a booming voice. "Glad to see us? We're sure glad to see you."

"What are you doing here?" Lizzie asked as she tried not to be obvious about the fact he was squeezing the air out of her.

"Randy got us a gig out here in LA, at the Viper Room!" He said excitedly. "How fuckin' awesome is that? Adonis knows how to come through, huh? Now we can spend a few days with you. I've missed ya, babe. I'd a called but, well, there seems to be a problem with the desk." Scott told her as he put her down so Randy could have his turn.

"Hey, Liz!" Randy, as always, grabbed her by the waist and dipped her low as he bent in for a kiss but Lizzie dodged him. "Aw, don't be like that, sweetheart. You know you missed me." When she still wouldn't let him kiss her, he looked up at Scott. "C'mon bro tell her to gimmie some."

"Give Adonis a kiss, Liz." Scott said in a calmly demanding tone.

"Ahem," Across the room Michael cleared his throat loudly.

Scott turned to look in the direction the sound came from. "What the fuck is he doing here?" He snarled and then took in the aroma of pot and food in the air. "What the hell is going on?"