Friday, January 30, 2009

Author Spotlight: Cindy Green

Today's author in the spotlight is Cindy Green, and her release, The Heart Never Lies, available from Champagne Books!

Cindy was born in California but now resides in North Carolina with her husband and two young sons. Growing up, she loved reading and writing, but her heart always lay in teaching. After graduating from college with a degree in history, Cindy taught Jr. High for four years in just about every subject. After the birth of her second child, she was able to stay home and focus on her writing as well as homeschool her children. In her spare time, she loves reading, photography, scrapbooking, Period Dramas, and spending time with family. Cindy writes Inspirational, Contemporary, Suspense, Fantasy and Historical.

You can visit Cindy at:

Website: http://cindykgreen.com/
Blog: http://cindykgreen.blogspot.com/


When ranch hand Beau Tucker announces his intent to leave the Double C for California, Kit McCauley tells herself, ‘Good riddance.’ Unfortunately her heart isn’t quite in agreement with her head. Perhaps she’ll just have one more talk with the handsome cowboy before he disappears out of her life forever.

Temperatures rise as their interlude is interrupted by an injured horse thief who shoots at Beau and kidnaps Kit. Will Beau be in time to save her or did the ruffian’s bullet ring true, bringing his young life to an end and forever keeping their revelations unsaid?


“Get off me, Beau Tucker.” She attempted a glare, but her lips trembled and a tear trailed across her cheek. Her compelling eyes, brimming with hurt, almost made him forget about his doubts in her—about everything other than kissing her senseless.

“Why should I answer any of your questions?” She struggled against him, but he held her in place. She huffed but rested back against the hay. “What’s the real reason you’re leavin’?”

“So, you do care that I’m going?” He couldn’t help the self-satisfied grin he sent her way.

“Don’t get all swollen-headed. I…I don’t give a straw where you go or what you do.”

“You don’t, do you?” He slid his left hand from her shoulder, across her collar bone, and up the column of her slender neck. Her pulse raced hard beneath his fingers.

“No, I don’t.” Her voice faltered. “Now let me up,” she whispered as her eyes clouded with moisture.

Tears—real, wet and huge tears—tumbled onto her collar. She truly cared he was leaving. It made him dare to hope. He inhaled her light rose scent and pulled her closer. Vulnerability peered up at him in those innocent eyes of hers, filled with such distress. Desire spliced through him, and he lowered his mouth and kissed her sweet, pink lips. Blood pounded in his veins as his heart hammered at the contact. She slid her petite hands slowly up to his chest as their kiss deepened and intensified. In that moment, there were no thoughts of leaving, no thoughts of his rejection—there was only Kit and how well she fit in his arms.

When they came apart, she looked at him as if he were the most important thing in the whole wide world to her. She smiled with a soft expression in her eyes, alight with the love he’d always hoped to see there. How she confounded him. Like hot, then cold water in his face. He pulled slightly away from her, needing to leave before indulging his desire further. She didn’t really want this. She didn’t want him. Her flirtatious actions with Matt Reynolds at the barn raising last week proved it.

“Beau…” She removed his hat, tossed it, and pulled roughly on his shirt, bringing him closer again. The passion swirling in her warm brown eyes communicated her message in unison with her words as she whispered. “Beau don’t go. Make love to me.”

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Anne Sorgeson said...

This sounds like a fantastic book. I did have a hard time reading about it the background kind of makes the text blend in.