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Christmas Author Interviews: Is Santa Hot or Not???

Dark Diva Reviews Christmas Panel Interview:
Authors Adriana Kraft, AP Miller, K.A. M’Lady and Regan Taylor
Author Interviews by A.J. Llewellyn
Part One: Christmas

What happens when you bring together AP Miller, Adriana Kraft, Regan Taylor and K.A. M'Lady and ask them provocative questions about Santa? Well, we did it and we got some good stuff! So much so…we’re splitting this interview over two weeks.

Stay tuned Next Week for Part Two: New Year’s Resolutions.

1. What is the best Christmas present you ever got as a kid?
Adriana Kraft: She says: an electric train. He says: books, always!

AP Miller: When I was about the age of ten I used to watch a television show called "Julia." It was about a single mom who was also a Nurse raising a young son named Corey. It was one of my favorite shows and Julia became a role model for me.
AJ Says: I loved that show! I still think Diahann Carroll is one of the most beautful women of all time...
That following Christmas I opened up a doll sized box thinking it was just another Barbie doll and it brought tears to my eyes when it was her. Did I mention she was a talking doll?

K.A. M’Lady: We didn’t have much as kids growing up and Christmas was pretty scarce. My mom was a single mother when I was young and did what she could. But, I have one Christmas present memory as an adult that sticks out – a gift from my husband. I had always wanted a leather coat – never had one before as my family just couldn’t afford anything that extravagant. Then, one Christmas morning, one of the last presents I got to open – the biggest box stuffed away, way in the back of the tree so I couldn’t see it, was a full-length black leather trench coat from my husband. I cried for an hour.
Regan Taylor: That’s a hard one – Christmas was actually the time when my mother would buy whatever she wanted most when she was a child. Sooooo since I’m a kid at heart, it was the CD player my boyfriend bought me several years ago.

2. What is the worst Christmas present you ever got as a kid?

Adriana Kraft: Never had a “worst” present!

AP Miller: I honestly don't remember getting a bad present ever, but one year when I was twelve, my mother took it upon herself to by me a snare drum. She prodded me to play it then she put on a football game. When the band started to play she sat in front of the drum and played it instead of me. Needless to say I never touched it and she wound up giving it to my cousin.

K.A. M’Lady: I don’t think I’ve ever received a bad Christmas present. I’m worse than my kids when it comes to Christmas. I’m the first one up on Christmas morning – waking them up so we can open presents. Large or small. Expensive or not. Hand-made or not. As long as someone thought of me enough to give me a gift I’ve always felt blessed.
Regan Taylor: Snicker – everything my mother bought. Seriously, there was this cheesy make up mirror…

3. When you think of Santa coming down the chimney now as an adult, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Adriana Kraft: My husband and I write together as Adriana Kraft. She says: Now that we’ve written a sexy hunk with powers to become invisible who plays Santa in Santa’s Boss, he’s the image that comes to mind - and he wouldn’t have to bother with a chimney! He says: Hoping her boobs aren’t so large she gets stuck. Oh, is Santa supposed to be male? She says: What can I say? He’s always been a breast man...
AP Miller: I have warm wishes every Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. Santa represented faith and hope. He represented miracles and brought children's dreams to life. I still feel the same about that man in the red suit even today as an adult...all you have to do is "believe."

K.A. M’Lady: Did he bring me something good? Yes, I’m still a child when it comes to Christmas.
Regan Taylor: Call the police! Weird stalker in the neighborhood!

4. What is the hottest, shortest extract from one of your books that you can give us – two paragraphs max. (Interviewer's Note - never tell a writer to keep it brief...you will be ignored!)

Adriana Kraft:
From Santa’s Boss, just released at http://www.extasybooks.com/ - our invisible Santa has just dropped in on Joy and Sophia.

I got caught up in watching. The two of you were magical. Doubt I could ever tire of watching you. So expressive. Both of you.
Joy tensed as Santa pushed forward, seating himself in her depths. “We’re leaving you out,” she said to Sophia.
“Not really. I’ll just change ends.”
“Oh my.” Joy squeezed her shoulders in anticipation as Sophia turned around, offering her pussy. Eagerly, Joy flicked her tongue across Sophia’s labia.
She heard Sophia’s groans just before she felt the woman’s lips sliding along her clit. “Oh my God.” And then Santa began to move. She could get used to being beneficiary of a sandwich like this—delectable, with minimal calories.
Increasingly, it became difficult to focus on Sophia. She curled her arms around her female lover and rested her chin on Sophia’s vulva and then focusing on receiving. Steadily, Sophia and Santa worked as a team, bringing her to a near peak before backing off. They were priming her like she was a pump. There was nothing she could do to speed up her tandem lovers. They were working from a blueprint she hadn’t seen before.

AP Miller: She gazed up into his eyes as he stared down at her, that long tongue drooling, the saliva dripping onto her bared chest as he pounded her. She clutched his arms, whispering softly to him. "Yes. . .more. . .give it to me."
She could almost hear his voice now, hear the husky bass pitch, the words deformed by his muzzle. "Yes. . .Mistress." She felt something press against her sex lips, thicker than his manhood, and she gasped, trying to relax herself. It was in, a blinding pain. . .a sensation of sheer ecstasy, and she was climaxing in her bed, her fingers pinching her clit, her other hand savagely twisting at a nipple, and her scream of ecstasy filling the night. Then she slumped down, eyes closing, falling at last into exhausted slumber.
In the woods outside her cottage, a wolf's howl filled the night. – From Through the Looking Glass

K.A.M’Lady: I think I’d have to share the ménages scene from Realm Book I ~ To Tell of Darkness (Coming Soon to Print) Available Now at Mojocastle Press – http://www.mojocastle.com/
This is my dark fantasy series about Rihker Tennai – part pixie, part human – all hunter for the Silent Court who becomes mixed up in the Other World’s mysteries of murder, mayhem and whispers of vampiric wars. With tales of a ‘Chosen to come and save the Other World from the encroaching Darkness – is she running from her past, or toward her future?

Kieran reached me first and pulled me from the counter, carrying me to my small kitchen table, laying me across it like a feast for a king. He sat in the chair between my legs, ran his hands up my thighs and spread them wide to his view. Without preamble, he parted my throbbing folds and ran his tongue deep into my wetness, my gasp breaking the silence.
My body spasmed at the first rush as my orgasm spiraled through me, catching me unaware. I arched off the table, my back bowing, and Jade closed his mouth over the hard, aching nipple of my closest breast. His teeth grazed it into a taut bud as he suckled, each pull causing my body to clench, and Kieran to run his tongue deeper inside of me.

Regan Taylor: “When I bought you, I did not simply buy two legs, or two arms with two hands.” He kissed her eyelids. “I bought two eyes and two ears.”
Her belly warmed as his lips moved over her ears, his tongue venturing just inside the depth of one. “I bought two lips,” which was followed by a simple kiss before he lathed a path to her breasts. “I bought two breasts.” A moment, an ever so slight moment passed before he slid his lips and tongue over her breasts, while at the same time his hand moved through the curls. A finger dipped inside her. “And I bought your woman’s sheath.”
“Please…no, it is all I have left for my husband.”
Jason pulled back to study her a moment. “There will be no husband for you, Miranda, only me. The moment I bought you, your maidenhead became mine to take, mine to pierce, mine to enjoy. There will only be me and I will take what is mine. It is not my intent to hurt you, but it will the first time. I will do what I can to prevent as much pain as possible, but know I do not mean to hurt you when I take it.”
Miranda felt herself swallow, fear coursing through her, all but taking the breath from her. There had to be a way to stop him, a way to reach him. How could he? How could he force her into his bed? She had to find a way to jar him into understanding, to make him stop himself. “So you would take pleasure in raping me?”
Jason pulled her to him. Resting one hand on her hip, the other came up to cup her face. “Miranda, you belong to me, you are my property, to do what I wish with. It is not rape for a man to enjoy what is his. The sooner you accept this, the easier it will be for you.”
From Jason’s Accord: http://www.extasybooks.com/

5. You wake up on Christmas morning and find yourself in jail…with a celebrity cell mate. Look who it is!

You may not recognize him because he looks like a million miles of rough road, but it’s Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi. What would you do if the guards weren’t looking and he wanted to play hide-me-sausage with you?

Adriana Kraft: She says: Hmm, since Adriana is two people, the first fantasy that comes to mind is a little d.p. play... He says: Bet we can talk that hot bi female guard into making this a four-way menage...

AP Miller: Now this question totally grosses me out...I knew Richie and Jon in their younger years back in Jersey...Richie was much more handsome then he is today...Don't know what happened to him but he looks horrendous.

K.A. M’Lady: No offense, but blah! I’m a one woman man. A man that looks WAY better than that! And sad to say, but Richie looks like he’s been drug across the road by his crack head ex-wife (ooh, did I say that out loud?) Seriously, dude, grow up.

Regan Taylor: Hell no! Now if you offered me Adian Quinn or Alex O’Laughlin, we’d have something to talk about!

6. What is your favorite Christmas carol and why? What about favorite Christmas movie?

Adriana Kraft
: She says: Silver Bells. Love the images, love New York at Christmas time, love the snow and the lights. He says: Frosty the Snowman. Can’t explain why. Love the bouncing beat and the promise of dreams fulfilled.
Favorite Christmas movie? Both: It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. He adds: If you write fantasies of any type, you just about have to love this movie.

AP Miller: My favorite Christmas song has always been The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. I'm a huge fan of the Nutcracker. My favorite Christmas movie would have to be Miracle on 34th street.

K.A. M’Lady: Favorite Song - What Child is this? I like the song because it is a beautiful song to sing (I was in Choir for a few years in HS – even though I suck). And it reminds us why we celebrate this holiday and why Christ’s birth is so important.
Favorite Holiday Movie – Irving Berlin’s White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney. I love the old movies and musicals and this one is a classic! Holiday Inn would have to be my second.

Regan Taylor: They all drive me nuts! Especially since now they start the week before Thanksgiving. Now as to movies – Holiday Inn!

7. Have you ever done anything under the mistletoe that you regret?
Adriana Kraft: Absolutely not. Only regret missed opportunities.
AP Miller: Not while sober!
K.A. M’Lady: I never kiss and tell.

Regan Taylor: Nope! (grinning)

8. If you could be Santa for just 10 minutes and do whatever you want in the world, what would it be?

Adriana Kraft: Elevate love in all its forms over bigotry and war. The result? Peace.

AP Miller: Bringing a miracle of financial stability and world peace.

K.A. M’Lady: I would heal all the sick and suffering children across the world. Christmas is about love and peace and joy and it is never more apparent or abundant than in a child’s eyes, the warmth of their hearts, their unpretentious smiles, and the hopefulness that lights their faces. If we could bottle it and share it with the world, then the world would be a much better place indeed.

Regan Taylor: Himmmm, make love with the boyfriend on a cloud way above earth!

9. What is the sexiest Christmas song ever to you?

Adriana Kraft: She says
: Blue Christmas - I just have a thing for that Elvis voice and that sexy half smile. He says: That’s easy - O Come O Come Emmanuel. Get a copy and read the words.

AP Miller: That's easy...Santa baby sung by Betty Boop.

K.A. M’Lady: Hmmm, that’s tough – I don’t usually think of Christmas songs as sexy. Maybe Santa Baby – I always think of Marilyn Monroe singing it – or Betty Boop.
Regan Taylor: Hmmmmm. Let me get back to you on that one!

10. If you got a free pass from your spouse for a Christmas ménages, who would it be with?
Adriana Kraft: Hmm, there are two of us - one pass each? He says: Asia Carrera - beautiful, bright and sexy. In keeping with the spirit of the season, let the fantasies roll of sharing Asia equally between us, that’s an image that generates some tingles! She says: works for me!

AP Miller: This is a tough question...my ménages always perform better when they are between the sheets with our characters.

K.A. M’Lady: I’m a stingy girl and not much into sharing – never did like sharing my toys… I’ll save that for my characters. When it comes to loving – I’ve got eyes for only one man.
Regan Taylor: Adian Quinn, Alex O’Laughlin and me. You did mean without the spouse, right?
On Behalf of Dark Diva Reviews I would like to wish all our authors and readers a wonderful, warm, safe holiday season. Looking forward to more awesome interviews next year!

On New Year’s Eve, we’ll have Part Two of this Interview…in the meantime, please check out our participating authors’ links:


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