Friday, December 12, 2008

Author Spotlight: Ana Star

Today's author in the spotlight is Ana Star and her release, Undressing Snow White, published with Mystic Moon Press.

Ana's Bio:

I am 25 years old living in a cozy apartment. I love writing and for the past year I have concentrated on erotica. Erotic writing has opened a world of wonders for me and unleashed my inner most creativity in all its sensual, pure essence. When I am not writing, I go to the gym and I take care of my two pet guinea pigs, Yuki and Kyo. I love fairies, anime and movies/music that come from other countries.

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Sweet and submissive Snow White embarks on a sexual journey. Join her as she discovers the delights of orgasmic pleasures in all their forms.


The Queen’s Guilty Pleasure
One day, as Snow White scrubbed the tile floor of the castle hall, the one leading to the Queen’s private apartments, she had a strange sensation that she was being observed. Although she quickly glanced around, her surroundings remained quiet and empty to her five senses. She gazed at her reflection in one of the side wall mirrors.

Her opened white under gown revealed her plump cleavage just enough to titillate anyone’s daring eyes. Her over black corset pushed them up a bit and showed the voluptuous round surfaces. Being on her hands and knees a great portion of the day made her accustomed to lift her well rounded derriere up. She curved her slim, delicate back. Quite a desiring sight for anyone who set eyes on her.

The Queen was no exception. She watched Snow White's every move from her semi opened door, obsessed and determined to ruin her.

“My dear Snow White. You are so pure, so innocent. You are so willing to obey and to please, but I will break you!” The Queen whispered. Her arms crossed and her nails clasped the skin. Her cruel dark eyes narrowed down at her step-daughter’s sultry figure. An overwhelming sensation crept in her mind until she could no longer contain herself. She slammed her door open, startling poor Snow White in the process. The Queen rejoiced at the thought of making Snow White squirm.

“Snow White, come in here quick. I need you to do something for me,” the Queen asked. She impatiently hustled her step-daughter in.

“Yes, your Majesty.” Snow White stood up and rushed to her side.

“Always so eager to please.” The Queen smacked Snow White’s behind as she passed by, making her jump in surprise.

“Hurry up, I don’t have all day,” The Queen said. Her face twisted, displeased.

“Sorry, your Majesty,” Snow White said. She bowed her head politely to the Queen. No matter how the Queen treated the young girl, she always treated her with respect and love.

Let’s see how far your obedience will stand, The Queen thought, a wicked smile plastered on her porcelain face.

Still and quiet, Snow White waited to be ordered. A serene aura emanated from her which the Queen despised above all. She examined closely her prey, searched for something to degrade her about. Her short black hair curled nicely, slightly above her small shoulders. It framed her white glowing face, rosy cheeks and innocent brown eyes.

“Bring me that chair immediately!” The Queen demanded. She pointed toward a wood chair with a red cushion. While Snow White fetched the chair, the Queen walked toward her black antique cupboard. She unlocked it and opened the doors. Her dark eyes glowed at the sight of her forbidden objects of torture. One in particular, a round red leather paddle, seemed to call out to her. The handle was nicely decorated with tiny amethysts and black onyx gems which provided a good grip. The Queen grabbed it, turned around to observe Snow White waiting by the chair.

“Remove all your clothing. Remove your undergarments as well. Hurry now, I’m growing impatient.” The Queen gently tapped the surface of the paddle on her palm and felt the smoothness of the leather. She scrutinized Snow White’s slender body. She noticed how her bottom was round, smooth and perfect. Snow White’s tiny breasts were a delight to see along with her pinkish nipples. Alas, The Queen’s eyes locked onto Snow White’s dark brown mound which Snow White quickly covered with her delicate white hands.


AJ Llewellyn said...

Eliza, thanks so much for showcasing Ana. I can't wait to read her work!