Monday, October 20, 2008

Naughtiest Excerpt Contest Winner!

Ultimate Burlesque (anthology)
Callipa The Stripper
Elizabeth Black
October, 2008
Xcite Publishing
Genre: Historic erotica/based on burlesque
Rating: Hot

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It's the Roaring '20s, and Kelly is about to make her debut solo act
at the Cat's Eye Club, the hottest burlesque club in town! The club's
manager, Billy Templeton, and her lover, Chief Judge Hugh Tennant,
know she's going to wow the crowd with her unusual act. They also
know that she is going to enrage uptight conservative throwback Jim
Greeley and his League of Decency. Greeley and his League have had
burlesque clubs in their crosshairs for months, and at the top of the
list is the Cat's Eye Club. Templeton, Tennant, and Kelly know that
her act will do everything to drive Greeley insane because of a
new law that permits nudity in burlesque acts - as long as the dancers
remain totally motionless while nude. Will Kelly be able to pull of
her debut act, and survive the glare of Greeley and the League of



After what seemed like hours of excruciatingly aroused agony,
Hugh's lips found her erect clit. Immediately, Kelly's body tightened
at his touch. Clenching her pelvic muscles, she begged for his tongue
against her hard bud. Damn, I want him now! I want to come hard
right against his face. Grabbing his head in her hands, she pressed
his face against her pussy, rubbing against his mouth as she felt
her orgasm coming. Not quite ready yet, she bucked her hips,
begging for more. As if he read her mind, he licked two fingers and
slid them into her waiting pussy. With his tongue on her clit and his
fingers inside her, pressing in and out against that wonderful area
just in front of her public bone, she felt the familiar pulling deep
inside as her orgasm approached. I'm going to melt all over his face!
How wonderful is that? I'm going to come so hard I'll shoot fluid
all over the table.

Grabbing his head in her hands, she guided him as he licked her
clit, and she came so hard she bucked against his face. The waves
of pleasure washed over her, an intense pulsation that made her
rock back and forth. His fingers moved in and out of her, pulling
and tugging, until she could stand it no longer. This is the
best orgasm I've had in days! All because I'm making my debut
nude act tonight!

Suddenly, the door swung open. Startled, she pulled away from

Rushing in so quickly that he tossed up a dust cloud, the Cat's Eye
Club's manager, Billy Templeton, took one look at Kelly and Hugh
and turned on his heel as he spun into the hallway.

"Damn it, Billy, don't you know to knock on a lady's door before

"If you were a lady, I'd knock."


"You two done in there yet? I have a show to put on, and as far as
I'm concerned, the show is onstage."

"Just a good luck fuck, Billy," Hugh said. "You remember those,
don't you?"

"I don't live in a monastery. Are you two decent? Can I come in

"C'mon in, Billy. We're about as decent as we're going to

Billy entered the room in his signature wide stride, giving Kelly
and Hugh his raised and amused eyebrow. Seeing both of them
disheveled but dressed, he walked to a chair, turned it around,
and leaned on it.

"You are a sensation, Kelly, or should I say… Callipa? What a
stroke of genius was that? What a name! Callipa the Strippa!
The house is packed. We should've turned people away, but I
never turn anyone away, so they're packed like sardines in
the back of the room. One look at your fun bags tonight,
baby, and the crowd will go wild! I can't wait to see it! The
cops are out there too, along with that stick in the mud
Jim Greeley. Seeing the head of the League of Decency
in the audience is a real coup. He's got no idea what's in
store tonight. He took the bait! He won't be able to do a
thing about it, and you, baby, will pay our bills for


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is naughty! Great excerpt.


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