Friday, October 10, 2008

Author Spotlight: JC Natal

Today's author in the spotlight is JC Natal and her newest release In Service, available now from Dark Roast Press! BUY NOW!

J. C. Natál has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen. There was a devout Pentecostal phase which produced some of the worst poetry the world has ever seen. There have been short stories and novel length stories that should have been shorter. There was a lot of dribble with a few gems emerging over time. Despite the efforts of real life to derail her, J. C. worked at honing her craft with various original projects, then discovered the world of written erotica and the world as she knew it changed. Even more when she discovered the world of fan fiction erotica, and the discovery that other people were turned on by the same things she was. And that, in turn brought her here.


In a modern world where rampant disease and prostitution has been dealt with through institutionalizing the sex business, and where American nobility, Lords and Ladies, hold significant power, Lord Elias Doherty is a man who has always had everything he ever wanted. Spoiled and arrogant, Elias thinks only of his upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and his only desired gift, a Servant of his very own.

When he spots Jared Karan, he knows exactly what he wants, but Jared is owned by another, a powerful British Lord with a reputation as a ruthless and unforgiving man, in business and in personal matters.

Elias gets what he wants through his father’s political and business maneuvering, and Jared is his. But Lord Stuart isn’t content with his defeat, and he uses his own power and influence to give Elias a gift, one that on the surface seems legitimate, but hides a very dark secret.

With a powerful enemy and a political climate that is more than a little volatile, falling in love with Jared could lead them both to destruction.


Elias opened his door, not surprised to find Jared and JP waiting for him. Jared was up and in his arms before he could close the door. “I was worried. JP wouldn’t tell me what was going on.”

Elias kissed his cheek and pushed him back a little. “I’m okay, Jared.”

“You don’t look okay.” JP said.

“I’m tired; it’s been a long, bad day.” He brushed a hand over Jared’s cheek and smiled lightly at him. “I’m glad to be home.” He fingered the bag in his hands. It held Jared’s book and the papers. He’d signed them. Jared was free, even now. He just didn’t know it yet.

Elias put the bag on the dresser. “I’m going to take a shower. Then we need to talk.”

Jared clung to him. “May I Serve?” he asked in a desperate whisper. Elias wanted to tell him no, wanted to leave him with JP, but he was so worried, so…needy that he nodded, drawing him with him toward the bathroom. He let Jared help him peel off the stinky clothes and let him wash his hair and skin, but when Jared went to one knee in front of him, Elias shook his head. “Not now, Jared. I’m just…too tired.”

He looked hurt, but nodded and stood. “I understand.”

Elias was pretty sure he didn’t understand…and that didn’t bode well for the rest of their evening. When he was out and Jared had wrapped him in a towel, they went back out to the bedroom where JP was still sitting.

Elias put off saying anything by getting into his robe, watching Jared put his shorts on. It occurred to him that he was going to have to get Jared into something other than servant brown in the morning.

He felt JP’s eyes and turned. This was it. He gathered Jared in his arms, guiding them toward the bed, then gesturing for JP to join them. Once they were all sitting, Elias took Jared’s hands. “Do you remember I promised I was never going to send you away?” Jared’s eyes were big as he nodded. Elias licked his lips. “Do you remember I told you I love you?” Again, the nod. “I do. I love you Jared. I want you to be with me forever…but for right now, that can’t happen.”

There were already tears in his eyes and Elias had to look away or start crying himself. “It isn’t safe to be here with me anymore.”

“I don’t want to leave, my Lord.” Jared whispered.

“I know, Jared…I don’t want you to either…but I don’t want you to end up hurt, or dead.” Or worse. “I need to know that you’re safe.”

Jared shook his head. “No. You are my Lord. I am your Servant. I belong with you.”

Elias swallowed and squeezed his hands. “Not anymore.”

Jared looked like he’d hit him. Like Elias had slapped him. “What?” His voice trembled and a heavy tear fell.

Elias closed his eyes. “Please, Jared…understand…I love you, I can’t stomach the thought of you ending up with him.” He shook his head. “If you stay with me, that’s what will happen. In a week I will lose everything. Including you. Lord Stuart will take it all. If you go now, you’ll be free.”

Jared was crying now, looking from Elias to JP and back again. “JP will go with you, take care of you.”

“And Elias will join us as soon as he can.” JP offered, sliding an arm around Jared. “Won’t you, my Lord?”

Elias nodded, but didn’t look at either of them. Couldn’t look. He felt the tear and wiped it away. He wouldn’t let Jared know the truth. He wouldn’t burden him with that.

“I don’t want to leave.” Jared said softly in the silence. “But I am your Servant…I will do as you wish.”

He got up then, crossed to his bed and sat on it. Elias ran a hand through his hair. JP got up too. “I still have some things to pack.”

Elias nodded absently, watching Jared. He didn’t like the hard set to his expression. Didn’t like the way he shut down. He sighed. “Get some sleep, Jared. Tomorrow will be a long day.”


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