Friday, September 19, 2008

Author Spotlight: Cinsearae Santiago

Today's author in the spotlight is Ms. Cinsearae Santiago and her new release, The Abraxas Series, Books 1-3, available at http://www.lulu.com/content/2748950

Author Bio:

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Ms. Santiago is author of the Blood Touch series and the all-new paranormal romance series, "Abraxas".Writer, artist, and gothic photographer, she always keeps herself occupied with creative projects and encourages others to let their individual talents shine, having created Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine for that purpose. Her Yahoo Group, (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Gratista_Vampires) is an extension of the magazine where other talents of the genre can join, share interests, network, and have the opportunity to be published in her Group's bi-annual anthologies. She also has two erotica stories published with ForbiddenPublications.com under her pen name, Mistress Rae. She received the Author's Site of Excellence Award in December 2007 from Preditors & Editors, and is also the Cover Artist for Jaded Silence Press and individual clients. An avid fan of 'old school' horror movies and its villains (Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pinhead, etc.) Halloween is her favorite time of the year. She is a very private person and loves photographing cemeteries or whatever eerie objects catch her eye, listening to a vast array of music, drawing, musing, and spending quiet times in nature, although she is partial to checking out a Goth club/event every now and again. She has always been drawn to the flipside of life--the supernatural, odd, bizarre, Gothic and 'darkly beautiful' always being an inspiration to her.

Ms. Cinsearae Santiago can be reached through her Group or her website, http://www.bloodtouch.com/


Christine Vargas is an independent, working-class young woman, tired of her boring 9 to 5 mundane lifestyle until a vicious attack on her sends her sprawling into a world darker and more
mysterious than she could ever imagine, unleashing powers within her she never deemed possible. She meets Ryan Price, a handsome, distinguished gentleman, Lord of a small clan of
vampires--and twice Christine's age. She questions their odd attraction to each other, soon learning the same mystical forces that rendered her powerful are the same ones within Ryan. While in the midst of getting to know each other, Ryan faces problems of his own--two of his clan members--dubbed The Geminis--are planning to overthrow him and his new Lady in order to claim the clan for their own. Christine now must deal with a few challenging questions that will determine the fate of the clan, as well as the budding relationship between her and the mysterious Ryan Price...

EXCERPT from Book Two

No sooner than the warmth of the mansion kissed my face, I saw a few of our clan walking around, discussing what would be that night’s events.

“I do believe you have an engagement with Kiera?” Ryan asked me.

“Oh…I do, don’t I?”

“Have fun, my love,” he said, then kissed my hand while giving me such an intense stare, I actually felt as nervous as I did the very first time I laid eyes on him. I noticed his eyes gave that flicker from greenish-gray to a bright amber, meaning his hunger was slowly rising.

He leaned forward towards me and closed his eyes, inhaling and sighing deeply. I could feel the waves of power emanating from my body, his own energies immediately reacting to mine. A merging was calling, a mutual feeding from each other. My heart raced and I backed away slowly. Ryan snapped himself out of his trance as I swooned.

“Go now,” he said quickly, looking away. “She’s waiting.”

“Ryan… what was that?” I asked softly.

“I think you already know,” he answered in the same soft tone, looking to me again. His eyes were a solid amber now, but not in their glowing state. “Go to Kiera. I will be fine.”

“Are you… sure?” My heart was racing faster as I touched his arm, knowing what he needed… what we both wanted.

He grabbed me by my shoulders and pressed me to the wall. I gasped at his sudden actions, welcoming them just the same. Ryan slowly pressed his lips to my neck. He exhaled, his warm breath on my jugular making me shiver, my body heat rising, my energies growing stronger.
His lips moved up to my earlobe, kissing it ever so slightly. He rubbed his cheek against mine, our powers dancing against each other, feeding each other with the desirous energies we radiated. Ryan pulled me away from the wall, crushing me to his chest as we engaged in a deep kiss. One of his hands managed to reach under my blouse and undo my bra. His fingers graced the middle of my back, going up and down my spine, making my legs weak. He held me firm, not allowing me to leave his embrace until our kiss was complete. I ran my fingers through the back of his silky-soft hair, gently gripping it. He responded by running his fingers down the side of my body, his hand caressing me just under my breast. He moaned, releasing me from his lip lock, quick kisses going down my neck to the middle of my chest.

“I don’t want to stop,” he whispered, his eyes still closed, into the moment.

“Is this us, or our powers?” I asked breathily, my head tilted back in utter bliss.

“It’s both, my love,” he answered, finally stopping himself. We looked at each other, and I noticed his eyes were back to their usual color.

“I feel like I’ve just had dessert before the main course,” he said, giving me his devilish smirk.

“My apologies. I’ve held you up long enough.” Slowly, Ryan let me go. I found it amazing my legs were steady.

I made it up the first four steps before he said, “Perhaps…we could enjoy the main course later… tonight.”

I gave him just the tiniest grin before running the rest of the way up the stairs.


Anonymous said...

I checked out Ms. Santiago's web site. Very interesting!! I enjoyed it and am bookmarking it, just so I can go back and check out all the cool stuff again.


Eliza Knight said...

Sounds fantastic!

Jade Twilight said...

Very Interesting! Thanks Cinsearae for stopping by.

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