Saturday, June 21, 2008

Naughtiest Excerpt Contest Winner!!!!

Tempting Tess...available now at Ellora's Cave.

Regina Carlysle

Excerpt 3: (very hot)

Torn, Daniel made a rough sound and lowered his mouth to her breasts.
Near violent with urgent need, he raked his teeth over her nipples,
loving her gasp of pleasure. He pressed his heavy erection hard
against her core and a cry tore from her mouth.
"Damn it, Tess. If you want to stop this, tell me now or I won't be
able to stop."
"Don't stop. Don't ever stop."
He carried her through the dimly lit cabin and straight into the only
bedroom. He'd built the place with his own two hands and knew every
inch of it. Her bed was made so he reached down with one hand and
jerked the bedspread down and out of the way. All the while, Tess
clung to him, pressing kisses to his throat, nipping with her teeth.
The room was dark. Daniel lowered Tess to her feet and didn't
hesitate. Not any more. He yanked the white nightgown over her head
and tossed it away. He didn't take time to feast his eyes on her body
limned by moonlight sifting through the blinds. He didn't take time
to kiss her sweet, delicious mouth. Instead he filled his hands with
her breasts.
Her nipples were stiff, prodding the palms of his hands, stabbing at
the pads of his fingers. A hungry sound tore from his throat and he
took one hard, swollen bud into his mouth to suck. Drawing deep,
raking gently with his teeth, Daniel devoured it as if starved. He
was a man who understood loneliness, who felt despair that his life
was often more shallow than he'd like. No, he didn't know this woman
who writhed in his arms but something about her was like a balm to
feelings he'd buried deep. Passion for her brought it all to the
forefront now as he sipped at her flesh.
Tess drove her fingers through his hair, held his head close and
Daniel wanted more. More. He sent exploring fingers over her soft
skin, touching her waist, her belly, diving into the curls between
her thighs.
Daniel groaned low. "God, you're wet. Beautiful and wet. I'm going to
fuck you with my fingers. Let me stroke this sweet cream."
She gasped and it fueled the heat that roared to life between them.
Two sad strangers who met in a moment of need. Daniel sank his teeth
gently into her shoulder as his fingers sought and found her
distended clit. He strummed it lightly and Tess' breath broke. Her
stance widened as she sought a firmer touch.
He gave it to her, diving his fingers deep into her cavern. She felt
like warm, wet, satin and he wanted more, wanted it deep.
"Sure?" He murmured knowing he'd die if she stopped him.
Tess' answer came with the brush of her hand against his cock as it
pushed against the denim of his jeans. "Daniel," she whispered.
"Hell, yes." Reluctantly, he withdrew his fingers from her depths and
yanked his shirt over his head. He grabbed a rubber from his pocket
before his jeans were pushed down and tossed aside. "No more waiting,
honey. You're burning me alive." His head dropped back when her hand
fisted around his pulsing cock. She squeezed lightly and he shivered.
She moved her hand slowly down and up, spreading his semen over the
head of his cock with her thumb and he wanted to roar. "God! You're
sweet, Tess."
Daniel wanted her spread out beneath him. He wanted to take her, fuck
her, suck her sweet clit into his mouth until she screamed.
Making his imaginings reality, he lifted her and spread her out
against the backdrop of crisp cool sheets. She spread her legs. Her
fingers were splayed across her belly. Beautiful.
Feeling savage, he clasped her knees and dragged her to the edge of
the bed. She made a startled sound but he didn't want to give her
time to think. He just wanted her to feel. "Fuck! You're creamy and
sweet," he murmured as his dipped his fingers into the hot, silk of
her pussy. "I'm gonna drink your cream, eat you like I'm starving and
I am, Tess."


Regina Carlysle said...

Thanks bunches you sweet Dark Divas. I love winning stuff. You guys rock. Had tons of fun at your chat last Friday!!! The cyber drinks were delish!


Mona Risk said...

Wooohooo. Pretty hot. Blazing. The stuff you read to have special dreams!!! Thank you Regina.