Thursday, June 12, 2008

Author Spotlight: Shannon Robinson

Today the spotlight is on author, Shannon Robinson. She was born at Fort Polk, LA, to military parents. After some traveling around, including a stint living in Alaska, they settled in upstate New York. The oldest of two children, Shannon completed her high school career and with an infant in tow, entered the workforce.

Shannon married her hero, Jake, in May of 2006. With two wonderful children, her life is very active but fulfilling. Able to squeeze time in for her passion of writing, Shannon enjoys creating new worlds and characters.

Shannon is an active member of the RWA Chapter CNYRW (Central New York Romance Writers), HHRW, Celtic Hearts, and is a member of several writers groups and online chapters.

Her first publication is a contemporary erotic short story titled Fired or Fired Up included in the GOIN' Down Anthology, Book 1, recently released by Aspen Mountain Press.

Blurb from Fired or Fired Up:

What happens when a shy secretary decides to prove to the arrogant hunk of a boss who just fired her that she’s more than what he thinks?

One heated encounter in an elevator, of course!

Chirene Matthey is tired of being a secretary. Making coffee and hearing complaints from her boss, Jacob Kennedy, is getting on her nerves. So when Jacob offers her a chance to show that she’s able to do more than just filing, Chirene jumps at the opportunity. When the assignment goes south, Jacob unexpectedly fires her, and Chirene decides that it’s time he learned exactly how she feels about his pompous attitude.

When her complaints begin to rouse Jacob’s desires, Chirene decides to indulge in the pleasures she’s only fantasized about before and take advantage of the new opportunity her ex-boss offers.



“No, shut it Jacob. You’re an inconsiderate, pompous jackass who doesn’t deserve—”

She paused; the heated flare of his brown eyes stared at her so intently, her breath was stolen from her. Every fantasy she’d ever imagined with him radiated at her. Unable to withstand his intense, uninhibited gaze, Chirene glanced down and nearly gasped as the outline of a very large arousal greeted her through the polyester fabric of his trousers.

“Oh my,” Chirene blurted out, raising a hand to her mouth. She’d fantasized about Jacob’s size before, but what was obviously evident within his pants was much larger than she had guessed. “I, um…”

“I have never been as turned on as I am right now.” Jacob’s voice was low, hoarse as he stepped towards Chirene. “No one has ever spoken to me like you did just now and I have to say,” his lips curved up in a sexy smirk, “I definitely like it.”

He stepped closer to her and Chirene backed up until she hit the paneled wall behind her. Jacob raised his arms up and braced his hands against the wall on each side of her, encasing her inside a cage of steely muscles.

“That’s exactly the kind of attitude I wanted to see from you.” He muttered, his breath warm and smelling of peppermint, before leaning in and capturing her mouth with hungry urgency.

Chirene couldn’t move, frozen by the intoxicating motion of his lips devouring hers. His cologne, a dark, musky fragrance, invaded her head and weakened her knees. He moved closer, his fingers gently tucking her blonde hair behind her ears and framing her face. She felt the pressure of his bulging shaft on her stomach and jumped.

“Wait,” she protested and pressed a hand against him, trying to ignore the hardness of his chest. “What are you doing?”

“What I should have done a long time ago.”

Her own words emerging from his mouth sent chills up her spine as she realized exactly what he meant. If his actions were any indication, then she could have been in this predicament a long time ago, if only she’d spoken up. But she believed in not mixing business relationships with pleasure.

However, Jacob was no longer her boss and perhaps it was time she showed him exactly who it was he’d let go.

“Then do it.”

Where can you buy it? You can purchase the GOIN' Down Anthology, Book 1, where Fired or Fired Up is included at Aspen Mountain Press - http://www.aspenmountainpress.com.


Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Hi Shannon. Congratulations on your short story in Goin' Down One. (I'm going to be in Goin' Down Two - July 18.) Anyway, I loved your story because I used to be a secretary, but never had a hunky boss to lust over. I loved the comeuppance she gave him and the surprise he gave her. :-)


Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

BIG Congrats Shannon!! (no pun intended. ;)

What a great excerpt. Talk about love in an elevator. WHEW Ba-BY!! I had an encounter with a hottie in an elevator once, but it didn't end up like that.

Love your writing. Great job. You're on your way!!!

Holly Greenfield said...

Congratulations on the anthology! It's a great story!

Unfortunately, I've never had a "hottie" encounter in an elevator like Barb... she always gets to do the fun stuff. :0)

Shannon Robinson said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

I know what you mean Hol - maybe Barb should be writing these stories instead...Whoohoo Barbie!
I only get to think them up! LOL!!

Marian said...

Loved your short story, Shannon! Keep up the good work. What are you gals doing next? ;o}