Friday, May 23, 2008

New Reviews

Just A Job By Sandy Storm
Not for the faint of heart! This dark and unsettling story is a must read for those who enjoy macabre tales. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Ms. Storm draws you into the twisted Realm that is this story’s setting and you can’t get out. With this account of life ruled by Tarot, you will gain a graphic, morbid view of a beheading. The characters take it all in stride, because it happens multiple times a day. It is after all Just a Job. (I couldn’t resist this line!)

Ms. Storm obviously did a lot of research for her story, and really had to get into her characters minds to write it so vividly for us to read. Well done!

I give Just a Job, 4 Delightful Divas

Burning For You By Jamie Lynn Miller

Lucas is in a bar one Saturday night, drinking heavily when Evan, a hot, hunky guy gives him the eye. In an effort to stave off the depression he has felt since the death of his lover Ryan, Lucas goes home with Evan. After a night of scorching sex, Lucas, tormented over the feeling that he has cheated on his dead lover, vows never to see Evan again...except there is something there between these two men and the next day, Lucas calls Evan. Both Texan born, the two men chat easily, recognizing many similarities in upbringing and outlooks on life.

Evan agrees to take things slow since it's obvious that Lucas is recovering from the loss of his lover.
Lucas's new shot at love however quickly crashes and burns on his first day back at work as a New York fireman. He is introduced to Station 127's new paramedic...Evan. Lucas dumps Evan immediately, telling him they cannot be together. Ryan was a fireman and his death on the job continues to haunt Lucas. He will not allow himself to love again...or can Evan prove that sometimes love on the job is just what a hungry heart requires?
Jamie Lynn Miller blends blistering M/M sex scenes with a truly tender love story that is emotional and real. The firehouse scenes and three action-packed, edge of your seat incidents Station 127 handles are just amazing. Miller writes these scenes as deftly as she does the often emotionally bruising love scenes in which Lucas struggles with the idea opening his heart once again.
Considering that all this is stuffed into sixty pages is staggering. Lucas and Evan come across as wonderful men and the interaction with the secondary characters is convincing and compelling.
This reviewer is burning for the next Jamie Lynn Miller book. Five Delightful Divas.

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