Friday, April 11, 2008

New Reviews

Only The Gold by Pippa Bennett

Ms. Bennett had a fabulous opening scene which had me laughing. Poor Eithne is trying to get the office mates off her back about her being Irish and it being St. Patty's day and she's not celebrating. We get a taste for why she isn't celebrating, when she arrives home to see her father sitting on her porch. Eithne is not a very happy person, and she lets her bitterness fall out on others.

When her father leaves, she is suddenly shrunk to the size of a little mouse, and boy does she have a cat and mouse chase! Enters Roe, the Elven Prince who has brought her to him to teach her a lesson.

She learns from Roe, how her bitterness has affected others, and ultimately her own happiness. He teaches her that love is the most powerful of emotions and that she must make ammends for the hurts she has done to people.

Fabulous vivid descriptions, I felt like I was there with Eithne, urging her on, feeling her pain, sorrow and in the end her happiness. A nice love story with a happy ending.
4 Delightful Divas.

Beast Magic by Sapphire Phlan
Ramses and Shana have been dreaming about each other
for years. Ramses is a werelion, the king in a pride
of lions who are able to shape shift into human form.
He purposely lets himself get captured in order to
cross the Great Water from his home in Africa to where
his mate lives. Once there, he claims Shana, a human,
and easily convinces her they belong together. Their
love for each other is instant and binding and they
return to Ramses homeland where he's prepared a home
for Shana on the savannah he roams.

Unfortunately, their happiness is threatened by Kaket,a werelioness who wants Ramses for herself. She
intends to kill Shana and turns some of the pride
against Ramses when he rejects her. They kidnap Shana
and war breaks out, but for Ramses there can be only
one outcome. Kill or be killed.

This erotic love story is sure to feed the beast in
all of you! I only wish it had been longer. Given that
it's only 42 pages, Miss Phelan did a fabulous job of
explaining the almost instant relationship that
develops between Ramses and Shana. While making the
world of wereanimals a fantasy easy to believe in. If
you like a hot romance that's fast paced and to the
point, with steamy love scenes that leave nothing to
the imagination then get your copy of Beast Magic.
4 Delightful Divas

Reynardine by Lucynda Storey

I am happy to say I have a new appreciation for the name Agnis. I used to associate it with a granny like figure, but I'll never look at this name the same again. I enjoyed Reyardine because there were subtle differences I haven't found in many stories. Agnis, for one, is a take charge siren in the bedroom from the get go. Her character is a far cry from the fragile, passive heroines featured in so many other books I have read. Both heroine and hero are strong in this story, and they fit well together. The chemistry between the two was hot, hot, hot! The action in the story kept me on my toes and reading well into the night just to see what would happen next. Reyardine is definitely worth picking up!
Four and a half Delightful Divas