Friday, April 18, 2008

New Reviews

Dreams of Destiny by Taylor Kincaid

Lyssa is perplexed about a recurring dream, involving a wolf and an
old man who calls her Dream Weaver. Her Cherokee bloodline causes her
to believe it has some meaning. Later, during a camping trip, she
runs into an old Cherokee who offers an explanation for her dream. If
she pursues it she'll meet her soul mate, Walks with Wolf.

Dreams of Destiny was a dream to read! I loved this short love story
about two soul mates guided to each other through their dreams. Written
in the first person, Taylor Kincaid did a great job of giving the
reader a clear visual of the happenings as they unfolded, describing
the heroine's thoughts and emotions and leaving you with a feeling of
breathless anticipation. I couldn't read fast enough to find out how
it ended! 41/2 Delightful Divas

Fantasies Unveiled:Invasion by Mechele Wade

Mechele Wade’s Fantasies Unveiled is a wonderful little story, with some excellently described BDSM aspects in a novice-friendly setting. Handcuffs, blindfolds, and surprisingly knife play are all explored in this book. Being more experienced in the lifestyle, this reviewer had only a few minor problems with the story which she felt kept it from reaching its full potential.
First, the author needs to contain the use of personal pronouns to start sentences, as there are places in the book where it gets repetitive, and annoying for this reviewer, but perhaps not the general reader.
Second, something is lost, at least to this reviewer, when the author reveals the identities of Christy’s captors far too early, in Chapter two. In thinking it over, I wondered if this was done purposefully to tame the story for novice-friendly levels. Certainly I would have kept the identities of Christy’s captors a secret until much nearer the end, as revealing them let too much suspense out of the story. Now please understand readers, Christy doesn’t know till the end, but you do. My advice to the author is, don’t tell them what they don’t truly need to know, as you will let the air out of your story.
Third, Christy has a true and wonderfully submissive inner voice (italicized) through the first two chapters, and then it seems to go away, until very late in the book. As a submissive myself, I live for inner sub voices that tell of pulsing feelings inside, so I was sadly disappointed when Christy’s took a vacation.
Taken all in all, Fantasies Unveiled is a good story, especially for those not deeply into BDSM, or D/s play. The target reader would be those of you who are fascinated, but afraid to play. So this reviewer gives Fantasies Unveiled four Delightful Divas.

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