Friday, March 21, 2008

More New Reviews

Meeting a Neighbors Needs by Qwillia Rain
Qwillia Rain’s book Meeting a Neighbor’s Needs had this reviewer frustrated. On the one hand it is filled with highly-arousing, impeccably-described sex which gets you going, but on the other hand it is filled with highly-arousing, impeccably-described sex, and little else. Fifty-three pages and I would venture to guess fifty are descriptions of the main character Gina having sex with a smorgasbord of well-hung studs. There is great sex, sex in semipublic places, and Gina even takes on six men one evening. Now this reviewer has no problem with sex in an erotic novel, but there has to be a plot, something the characters are thinking and doing other than the next screw. The writing which describes the sex is truly beautiful, and this reviewer knows she could not have done better, perhaps not even close, but there simply is no plot. The author tries to tie it all together on page 53 with less than page of plot. Simply put, this is not a story just excellent, descriptive sexual writing thinly strung together. This reviewer also bristled to Gina’s use of the term owned in regards to her relationship with the two male main characters. She experiences some light bondage and faux pain in the book but neither her personality nor her actions seems submissive to this reviewer. Therefore, despite what I feel to be a high level of technical precision in the writing, this reviewer gives Meeting a Neighbor’s Needs only three delightful divas.

Goldi by Kissa Starling

With Goldilocks and The Three Bears at the heart of this sexy read, there is no doubt the scavenger hunt Ms. Starling refers to is the search for the perfect Bear with just the right fit. And the bear Goldi finds fits perfectly in more ways than one. But Goldi’s indecision takes center stage when she discovers how her perfect Bear likes his fun and games, giving her pause. I’ve read Ms. Starling’s fairytales before and she never fails to deliver a new twist on an old tale. And this time is no exception. The age old problem of compromise and can it be enough when love is involved is portrayed with Ms. Starling’s usual understanding and ability to weave something old with something new. Kudos to Ms. Starling and make sure you keep the towel handy with this one. I give it a droolworthy four! The sex is smokin’!

Owned By LA Day

Is a sweet story with hot sex. Aurelia and John get married in order to save Aurelia's life. But Aurelia can't shake that her brothers best friend is a traitor, and bails on the wedding night. Now Aurelia has bought John and is unsure what to do with him. She could take her droid's suggestion and dump him on a deserted rock or she could go with her heart. I loved the surprise ending. Four Delightful Divas.

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