Monday, March 24, 2008

Dark Eden Pres is closing

Dark Eden Pres is closing, here is the letter Debra send to the readers group.

Dear Readers and friends,
It is with a heavy heart I must announce the closing of Dark Eden Press.

I don't often share personal information, but sometimes life comes at you and you have to deal with it, and this is one of those times for me.

I found out recently, very recently, that my cancer has returned. This is my 6th time around with this in a little over 10 years. It started as cervical cancer 10 years ago and each time has gotten worse and spread to other places. I will be starting chemotherapy and radiation treatments shortly and, as I have been through these same treatments twice already, I can honestly say it isn't pretty.

After discussing the issues and options with the DEP staff, it was decided to close Dark Eden as of April 1st. I must devote my energies and my time to getting better, and most of all, to my daughter.

All books will remain available through March 31st, so be sure to get the ones you've been thinking about buying. The authors will receive their rightful royalties for all sales, so your purchases will be appreciated.

If I haven't said it lately, it is, and has been, a pleasure getting to know our readers. I'm sure you'll find your favorite authors at new homes in the near future. I know they would value your support as they transition to new publishing houses.

Debra Durham

We here at Dark Divas send our best wishes to Debra and all the authors at Dark Eden Press.


Historical Writer/Editor said...

This is sad news. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you full recovery. -Laura H.