Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snake Charmer by Ann Cory

Snake Charmer
by Ann Cory

This is one hot book I read it in one sitting. I could not put this bad boy down. Ann brings to life very touching and real characters. I enjoyed her portrayal of the Naga race. It was original and something I hadn’t seen before. I have to add her steamy sex scenes added to it’s charm. This is definitely a five and recommended read.

Berlin spies a lavish scarf adorned with a garnet at an open-air market in India. Taunted by a deep, seductive voice, she takes the scarf home, unaware it's a deadly illusion.

Faotin's one chance at freedom is to break the curse of the garnet, severing all ties to Eclipse, the spiteful Naga queen, who enslaved him for sex and made him a snake. His plan to seduce and kill Berlin takes a dramatic turn as her warmth and beauty thaw his cold, vengeful heart.

While Berlin charms the shape-shifting snake of a man, Eclipse closes in for a final strike.