Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interviewing Mila Ramos

1) Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m currently a Chemistry graduate student in my 2nd year. I finish my Masters’ in May 09….or possibly whenever the stuff I am working with decides to be cooperative. After that it’s off to more torture in the Ph.D. program possibly. I used to be a high school teacher in Chemistry and Physics. I loved it immensely and wish to continue the route of teaching in order to support my writing. Heheh. I reside in Texas and visit my family pretty often in West Texas while catching up on TV shows and sleep. I usually write in the late night hours of the night. You could say writing is my second job and I keep up in the changes of it as much as I can. www.myspace.com/jademystique

2) Do you prefer Pepsi, Coke, or Dr Pepper?
Usually it’s Dr. Pepper, but I’ve been known to venture to the dark side and have a little of the formers.

3) What’s your favorite book/Author other than yourself?
I can’t narrow it down to one author but my top 5 are Karen Marie Moning, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dean Koontz, Anais Nin, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. Anais Nin is the one I got my start from in eroticism. The way she wrote things from the deep side of her soul is amazing. My all time favorite book would have to be Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. It takes a look at the different sides of being a woman. Really opened my eyes when I was 15, and made me see things and my world in a whole new way.

As for the favorite book of my own, it is Prophecy of the Boar. The birth of that series beginning with this book is a dream come true.

4) What’s your favorite movie?
Currently its Transformers, I was a huge fan of the cartoon when growing up. Other than that the 300; it’s a really awesome movie. I usually like any type of movie except horror; not really into those at all.

5) What inspires you?
The day-to-day can pretty much inspires me. But that honor goes to go my family and my friends. They are at the front line of all my zany ideas about new books. Music inspires me as well. I hear any type of good music and I can see storylines unfolding in my mind.

6) What are your aspirations?
My dreams are pretty long and extensive, and a new one gets added daily. I want to someday have the marriage and family, but currently research and writing are the leading two. I want to grow stronger in my writing and better versed in the publishing world. I’m learning it is a very long winding road that is nothing like the brochure stated. The Olympic gold of aspirations is being agented through Berkley, St. Martin’s or Bantram and have a couple books on the USA/New York Times list.

7) What made you want to be a writer?
Initially I was afraid to be a writer. I had been a role-playing writer in a paranormal site for a couple of years when a good friend Susan White, who does Research & Development/Promotions for Dark Eden Press, kept urging to submit my writing. I kept dodging and refusing until one day she did it without my knowledge. At the time Midnight Showcase was looking for authors for their Jaded Beasts line. I was terrified to submit my work since I had never really done so formally. After that first bout of fear, actually making it, and truly working on it, I realized I loved it so much! And from there it went.

8) What do you write?
I’m a multi-genre author and writer. My favorite genres are paranormal, interracial, contemporary, fantasy and romance. I am currently researching different areas and will see how they work out. I also write poetry which can be seen on my blog and myspace.

9) How long did it take before you where published?
I was graced to only have been contracted a week after I pitched an idea and had to wait a year for the first book/mini-story to be published. I have been truly blessed in that notion. There are somedays it hasn’t sunk in completely that I’m an actual published author but when I get emails from readers, goodness do I feel blessed.

10) What writer do you most look up too?
Great many of them that are now published, good friends that are working the business; Dee Shore, Bridghid Parkinson, Luna Carroll. But also those that are truly awesome writers: Karen Marie Moning, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Anna Fallon, Mae Powers, and the writing duo of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. They each have this exclusive way of writing; whether sarcasm, romance, suspense and that voice is amazing. They really have a “voice”, which is what every writer wants.

11) What are you working on now?
So much, I’m sometimes surprised. I had to postpone the release date of my novel Glass of Infinity due to traveling for school, and those priorities. I’m hoping to have that done and finished soon.

I have two digests I am working on for Midnight Showcase, a story for Whiskey Creek Press, Samhain Publishing and Dark Eden Press. I’m working on Prophecy of the Boar series called Cyrenius Core, the sequel to Reel to Real, and The Seventh Legend. Usually my hand is in some proverbial writing cookie jar. Just depends on the day itself.

12) What do you have coming out?
Coming out in March 2008 from Whiskey Creek Press- Torrid Teasers 44: Smoldering Ember & Touch of Fire. After that I am hoping the following: Krystal Illusion,

13) What do you have available?
Midnight Showcase has five novellas available now, in PDF and in Print (thru Lulu.com)
The Seventh Legend - http://www.midnightshowcase.com/LegendsLove.htm
The Watchers - http://www.midnightshowcase.com/StrangeD.htm
Prophecy of the Boar - http://www.midnightshowcase.com/Jadedsix.htm
Reel-to-Real http://www.midnightshowcase.com/blue_noir.htm
Smoke & Mirrors http://www.midnightshowcase.com/Jadedsix.htm

Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for the opportunity!!


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