Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Point of Distraction Story Two - Business with Pleasure By Cindy Jacks

The Point of Distraction Story Two - Business with Pleasure
By Cindy Jacks

Exceptional sensuality and sexual tension will be found in Cindy Jack’s “Business with Pleasure”. Johnathan and Ana are hot for each other, but every attempt to consummate their desire is interrupted by business, leaving the reader teetering on the brink right along with them.
It’s a sexy read with just a touch of elegance and the promise of a possible tomorrow. Very different from the traditional happily ever after, this is the second in Ms. Jack’s series entitled The Point of Distraction. I can’t wait for number three.
Four Delightful Divas for Cindy Jack’s and “Business With Pleasure”

Coming February 15th to Dark Eden Press.

Ana Welsh finds herself enchanted with a business associate, Jonathan Locke, who is visiting from London for only a few days. He's smart, funny, and has a taste for the finer things in life --- Ana being one of them. Her common sense tells her to keep things professional, but her desire for him quickly overrides her better judgment. Giving in to temptation, Ana and Jonathan find themselves in a comedy of errors that continually prevent them from consummating the act. As the sexual tension builds, Ana starts to wonder…will she miss her opportunity to mix business with pleasure with this intriguing young man?


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