Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Came Up Stairs A Victorian Courtesan's Memoirs: Book One by MC Halliday

I Came Up Stairs
A Victorian Courtesan's Memoirs: Book One
by MC Halliday

MC Haillday weaves a wonderful tail of a young woman who, given a chance to make herself better, pulls herself from the slums of White chapel. Mable Grey, who comes to be known as Marisa, is a fascinating character. I’m not just saying this because my mothers name is Mabel. Her brashness is not what I expected from a Victorian lady. Marisa is charismatic, seductive and naïve. As you read this book you get to watch her grow and blossom. This book brings out a side of Victorian England I have never seen.
I didn’t want to put this book down although I had to because of life. MC is a wonderful story teller. She makes you feel for the characters. Weather it’s pity, sadness or joy. She can also make you want to reach in and punch them right in the nose. With a great plot full of twists, turns and heart break this was a great book. I’d recommend it to any one looking for a well written intriguing read.
Five Delightful Divas

A neglected girl is unwittingly led from filth and poverty by a gentleman in the hopes of gaining coin for his purse. Young Mae is shaped into a lady and tutored in the arts of pleasure but remains childlike and trusting in her lack of suitable guidance. With raw sensuality she creates a seductive dance that in puritanical England, entices the highest peerage to visit her dressing room where they typically find her naked. Mae delights in her sexuality and soon becomes favored courtesan to Prince of Wales, garnering her lavish gifts and acceptance into London society. Her renown and riches ever rising, she continues to romp with gamely women and men of nobility and the lower classes. Eventually, Mae’s bohemian ways cause suffering for those she loves and her own heartbreak. She must decide if she will conform to love as defined by Victorian mores or remain true to her sensual desires.


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