Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dream By The Fire Winter Magic

This was a lovely collection of stories. I’d be a perfect treat for when you get home from shopping curl up in front of your computer with some hot coco. All of the 9 stories were wonderful leaving you with the warm feeling that maybe there are such things as Christmas miracles. The over all book gets Five Delightful Divas.
But Just for fun I also rated the individual stories.

A Love Rewritten

This shows you nothing is written in stone. Gabby is pulled into her favorite romance novel. Something I really wish would happen to me once in a while. She finds the love of her life. I really liked this story it reminded me of the first romance books I read. Warming my mind with a hot Scottish lord. I give it 5 Delightful Divas

A Love Rewritten by Esmerelda Bishop
Waking in an era not her own, Gabrielle Stone is shocked when the hero from her endeared romance novel opens her bedchamber door.
Devlin McCalister is pleased to find his lady love without a memory, perhaps now he will succeed in wooing her.
One woman's love for a novel. One man's love predestined. Will their devotion to each other change a story already written?

Mistletoe Magic
This was one of the stories I was talking about showing you that around Christmas magic and miracles can happen. I don’t want to give anything away. So I’ll just say this is a wonderfully written story that will leave you in tears of happiness.
I give it 4 ½ Delightful Divas

Mistletoe Magic by Lanie Fuller
Will a kiss under the mistletoe be the answer to Hannah's dreams or make her nightmare come true?

High Maintenance
I liked this story as it shows you things aren’t always what they seem. I think that sums up this story really well. It gets 4 ½ Delightful Divas

High Maintenance by Jamie Hill
Deidre North is enjoying a ski vacation with her family after Christmas, when an accident sidelines her from the slopes with a cast on her leg. She's depressed about spending another New Year's Eve alone, until she meets the lodge's handsome maintenance man.
Rick Beaufort is good with his hands, but is he smooth enough to convince this high maintenance woman to take a chance on him?

Letting Go
I have to admit this story hit a cord with me. It gives you hope that maybe things can get better no matter how bad they are.
I give it Five Delightful Divas.

Letting Go by Ava Rose Johnson
Six months after the tragedy which shook their marriage to its core, John and Grace are on the brink of divorce. But as Christmas approaches, John is unwilling to give up five years of marriage without one final shot. When a black-out takes hold of their neighborhood on one stormy night, John and Grace take the chance to confront the demons of their marriage. Can one night of truth save their marriage? Or will they realize that some demons just can't be eradicated?

Upon a Midnight Clear
This was another sweet story leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling. It also has an unexpected ending which I don’t want to give a way.
4 ½ Delightful Divas

Upon A Midnight Clear by Kelly Madden
Soonsee has a seemingly ordinary life until one winter evening she finds more than a Yule tree in the forest.

Solstice Night
I think this was my favorite story out of all the one in this book. It shows you that no matter what there is a love out there for all of us. And some wounds just need the right type of balm to heal.
5 Delightful Divas

Solstice Night by Lyra Marlowe
Liesel is a young woman with extraordinary healing powers. On the run from a master who seeks to abuse those powers, she believes she will never have her own home and family; she is too plain and too odd.
Eric is a scarred, bitter hunter who chases her through a blizzard, seeking to claim the reward for her return. Both the hostile elements and a pack of magically-summoned wolves work against him.

A Winter’s Gift
Some times love is right in front of your face and it just takes some time for you to notice it. I like stories where a good friend becomes more and this was one of those stories.
5 Delightful Divas

A Winter's Gift by Kim Rees
Siobhan Kerr has been dumped. Again. She has no clue why her love life is such a disaster. Mr Right is too often Mr Wrong. So she does what she always does when she screws up… she runs home.
Her friend Ethan Jacoby, is waiting. However, Ethan has his own agenda as he faces yet another of Siobhan's collapsing relationships. And with the help of an ancient temple, he plans to prove to Siobhan that the right man is closer to her than she ever believed possible…

Einmal nach a Modresnach
This story was lovely. I just hope Sophie’s dream comes true.
4 ½ Delightful Divas

Einmal nach a Modresnach by Emily Ryan-Davis
Sophie Anderson's ladies-only holiday vacation in Germany yields unexpected gifts when her grandmother's German nurse, David, shares his belief in the goddess Freya. Can a future dreamt once upon a modranicht come true?

Sugar Baby
This is another of the warm and fuzzy stories. It leaves you thinking not to give up hope cause any things possible around Christmas time.
4 Delightful Divas

Sugar Baby by Fiona Shinn
Julia Alston's a woman who's all but given up on love. Working as a pastry chef in a small town, she sees the same people day in and day out and she knows that Christmas will be just another day spent alone. But that's before a certain chef by the name of Dominic Marlow appears. Maybe this Christmas will be one that she'll never forget.


Lanie said...

Thank you for taking the time to review "Dream by the Fire". :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Ava Rose Johnson said...

Thanks for reading our anthology! I'm so glad you liked it :)

Kim Knox said...

Thank you for giving is all so many Delightful Divas! :D

Abby Niles said...

Thank you for reviewing our anthology!

Tess MacKall said...

I truly loved this magical Christmas Anthology and the cover is gorgeous.
I especially loved "Letting Go" by Ava Rose Johnson. A true story of hope! Love lives on!