Monday, December 3, 2007

The Concubine of the Temple by Nyki Blatchley

The Concubine of the Temple
by Nyki Blatchley

After reading the excerpt on the Dark Eden Press website I actually email Nyki and asked him if he wanted us to review his books. That’s how much I liked just the excerpt. The whole book was even better.
Nyki leaves very little to the imagination, which is a good thing. His scenes are very descriptive and get the blood pounding.
Taking the blame for murder she didn’t commit Mellia is taken to a part of her temple she never knew existed. Mellia’s love for her girlfriend Zefra is admirable and a little fool hardy. When Zefra is accused of murder, Mellia decides to save her by offering her own skin.
I do have one tiny complaint and that’s the use of the word knob for a clit. I mean all I could think of was door knob, but that’s me.
Otherwise this was a excellent story with an awesome twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.
I give it 4 ½ Delightful Divas

The sacred concubines of Anrak live secluded in their temple, knowing only female company, although it’s many generations since the god came down and took a human lover. Mellia has spent all eighteen years of her life knowing nothing else and, following the custom of the temple, revels in pleasure with her fellow-concubine and lover, Zefra. When Zefra is falsely accused of murder, Mellia confesses to the killing to save her lover from punishment.

Now she finds a side of the temple she never suspected: dungeons far below, where the older priestesses take pleasure in subjecting their victims to sadistic torture and humiliation, forcing her to pleasure them while she’s bound and abused. Mellia must endure this to save her lover from sharing the punishment, but her tormentors have one more horror that she’s never dreamt of – her first ever encounter with a man.